Post-Session Call to Action

Have a pop-up appear at the end of your session where attendees can click a button to move to another session, lounge or booth!

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The Post-Session Call to Action Feature

This feature allows you to help attendees move more easily to the next session or encourage them to visit a specific lounge or exhibitor booth after the session they are currently watching ends.

Once the broadcast ends or it reaches the session end time, whichever comes first, a pop-up will appear where they can click a button to move them from the current session to a different session, lounge, or booth.

Your attendees will love the seamless experience of moving from one session to another without hassle. Your exhibitors will love the added value you provide by helping more attendees discover their booth!

Important Notes

  • The Post-Session Call to Action will still appear even if your session is going over the scheduled time, the pop-up will show at the end time of your session, and the broadcast will just continue. Attendees must choose whether to stay in the current session or move to the next one.

  • If your session ended early, expect that the Post-Session Call to Action pop-up will show right after the broadcast ends so that attendees can start moving to the next session, lounge, or expo since the broadcast is over.

Enable the Post-Session Call to Action

  • Open the session details from your admin console's Agenda & Speakers tab.

  • Click Advanced Settings

  • Turn on the toggle for "Enable post-session call-to-action"

Enter the description of the action and the text that would appear on the button. If you want them to move to another session, you can say "Join Session 2" in the description and "Join" for the button.

On the first dropdown field, select whether you want to redirect them to a session type, lounge, or booth.

On the second dropdown field, select the specific session, lounge, or booth name.

And that's it! The Post-Session Call to Action pop-up should appear when the broadcast ends or the session end time is reached, whichever comes first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a Post-Session CTA to all types of sessions?

  • Yes

Can the Post-Session CTA appear in a booth or lounge?

  • No, this can only appear in sessions.

If the broadcast goes over the session schedule, when will the Post-Session CTA show?

  • It will show when you reach the session end time.

If the broadcast ends before the session schedule is over, when will the Post-Session CTA show?

  • It will show when the broadcast ends.

Can we change the text for the "Close" button?

  • No

Can we move the pop-up to appear on the side instead of the center?

Will the Post-Session CTA be available if they are watching on demand?

  • Yes. If you no longer want it to show, disable the feature when the live session ends.

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