Offline Payments for Registration

Give your registrants the option to register now and pay later!

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You can offer payment flexibility to attendees by adding a Pay Later via Invoice option to your paid tickets. The Pay Later option allows attendees to secure a spot at your event without paying for tickets upfront. Then, they can settle the payment in our platform later or settle their payments directly to you. On the checkout page, they can receive an invoice to complete their registration.

This feature allows attendees to reserve their spots during registration and receive an invoice afterward, which they can pay at their convenience via check, wire, ACH, credit card, or any other preferred method.

Important Notes:

  • This is not available for Free and Starter Plans.

  • This is only available for Paid Tickets and does not apply to Free Tickets or Donations.

  • If registrants choose to pay later, attendees have the option to pay at a later time on our platform with their credit card.

  • If the registrant has not paid or has made a partial payment, they will have access to the virtual event. You must cancel their order if you don't want the attendee to access it.

  • If the registrant is not fully paid, the ticket won't show in their My Tickets page.

Enable the Offline Payments Feature

  • Go to Settings > Payment Processing

  • Enable the toggle for Enable Offline Payments.

The Show custom text on checkout to attendees toggle allows you to add a message on checkout for attendees who will choose to pay later.

Enable the Pay Later Option for Each Ticket Type

  • Open the Advanced Settings, and tick the checkbox to "Allow to pay later"

  • At the bottom of the Advanced Settings, tick the checkbox(es) to "Include Invoice." You can choose to include the invoice for both ticket buyers and holders or just one of them.

  • When you're done, click Save. A prompt will appear explaining the pay later option. Click Confirm.

Once this is enabled, registrants will see the option to select "Invoice" at the end of the checkout process, aside from choosing a credit card as payment method.

When they finish the registration, they should receive an order confirmation email that says Invoice for the payment method, and the invoice is attached as a pdf file. Click here to learn more about invoices.

Below the Order Summary is a Pay Now button that they can click if they want to proceed with settling the payment for their order. It will direct them to a secure payment page where they can enter their credit card details and pay for their order.

Apply or Adjust the Payment

After you receive the payment internally, you can just enter the payment information in the order.

  • Go to Attendees > Orders.

  • Click in the 3-dot menu on the upper corner of the order

  • Select Apply/Adjust Payment.

  • Select the payment method, enter the payment information, and click Save.

Note: Choosing the Mark as paid option will not give you the option to enter the payment information, so it's better to choose Apply/Adjust Payment.

View History Log

You can view an order's history log by clicking on the order's 3-dot menu and selecting View History Log. On the History log, you can see when an order was made and when payments were made.

Sending Payment Link

You can send a payment link by clicking on the order's 3-dot menu and selecting Send Payment Link. This will send them a copy of their order summary to their email, and a Pay Now button is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when they enter the virtual event without partial or full payment?

  • They will get an error message that their registration has a pending balance, and they should contact the event host. But they can still enter the virtual event hub.

  • You can restrict their access by canceling. their ticket order. Click here to learn how to refund and cancel.

What if I entered the wrong amount?

  • If you entered an amount less than the correct amount, then proceed to apply payment for the remaining amount. It could not be reversed if you entered more than the correct amount. You can add a note to the order to remember the discrepancy.

If my staff is using the staff portal to check in attendees, will they be able to see if the registrant is paid or unpaid?

  • Only attendees with fully paid tickets are shown in the staff portal.

If my staff is using the iPad to check in attendees, will they be able to see if the registrant is paid or unpaid?

  • Yes. If the attendee is unpaid, they can't be checked in. But you can mark them as paid from there.

If we're using kiosk mode, will registrants without payment be able to check in?

  • No, they will be instructed to contact a staff member to settle the payment.

Can they pay via bank transfer?

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