Add Custom Captions to Your RTMP Session

Provide more accessibility to your attendees by adding custom captions to your RTMP session.

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Custom Captions Feature

Adding captions to a session helps attendees understand a session's discussion points better. In this article, we'll show you how to add custom captions to your RTMP session. With this Custom Captions feature, the captions will appear as an overlay on the video. This feature is only available for RTMP sessions.

For this example, we will use Falcon, a cloud-hosted RTMP closed caption encoder from EEG Cloud and OBS, as our 3rd party streaming tool.

Note: Using RTMP as a stream provider is not available for Free Plans

Enable Custom Subtitles

On your Accelevents Admin Console, open your RTMP session for editing, click the Broadcasting tab, and turn on the toggle to Enable custom subtitles. If you still need to create a session, click here for the tutorial.

Create a Falcon Stream

Note: To use this, you'll need to sign up for a paid Falcon subscription.

Go to your EEG Account's Dashboard, then click Falcon.


Fill out the fields for your Falcon Stream


Add a name to your Falcon (e.g., New RTMP Session)

Geographic Region

US East

Stream Type

Custom Streaming Server


Paste the RTMP URL from your Accelevents RTMP session (e.g., rtmp://

Stream Key

Paste the Stream Key from your Accelevents RTMP session (e.g., f1af9230-321d-37d6-06b9-d55f1089b268)

Add Destination button

Click this after filling out the 3 fields above.

Access Code - Service 1

enter an access code (remember this code, you will use the same code later)

Caption Agencies


Enabled Test Captions

tick this box if you want to see test captions


Click this once you have everything filled out.

Paste the RTMP Ingest URL and Stream Key to OBS

After creating your Falcon Stream, it will generate an RTMP Ingest URL and Stream Key. You'll need to copy these and paste your 3rd party streaming tool settings. In this example, we're using OBS to stream the session to Accelevents.

Open your OBS Stream Settings, add the RTMP Ingest URL as Server, then add the Stream Key. Once the information is added, you can Start Streaming on OBS.

Create a Lexi Instance

  1. Go back to your EEG Account's Dashboard, then select Lexi™ Live.

  2. Click +ADD NEW, then add a name to your new Lexi Instance, add your Access Code (use the same access code when you created a Falcon Stream), select Lexi 2.0 as Engine, then click Submit.

  3. Enable the toggle for your new Lexi Instance.

Check the Falcon Stream

Go back to your EEG Account's Dashboard. Select Falcon and open the Falcon Stream you created.

Your input and output stream will show along with the custom subtitles.

Note: Test captions will appear first before the actual captions appear.

Check the Accelevents Session

The stream with custom subtitles will also appear in your RTMP session.

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