With Accelevents, you're not just limited to fundraising through an auction. We offer different fundraising modules to give you various ways to offer your items and reach your donors.

To add a raffle to your silent auction you will have to turn on the raffle module. You may do it on Settings>General Settings. It is turned on if the toggle is blue.

Ready to set up your raffle? Click the button below for a step-by-step on adding raffle items.

Make sure that your participants can buy raffle tickets by setting up payment processing. Click the button below for a quick guide on setting up payment processing.

Once you're ready to launch your raffle, you can activate it on Settings > Billing add the Raffle module then click Activate & Pay.

If you already have an ongoing fundraising module (e.g. Silent Auction) and wants to add the Raffle module, you may go ahead and do so. Each fundraising module should be activated separately. Your activated modules are listed under Current Modules.

We offer the following fundraising modules:

Silent Auction

  • The activation fee is $249. We also charge $1 per person who bids in the auction. If someone bids multiple times it is still just $1 for that person.


  • The activation fee is $249. We also charge $1 per person who participates in your raffle - that is per person, not per ticket that you sell.

Fund a Need

  • The activation fee is $249. We also charge $1 per person who participates.

Text to Give

  • The price for this module is $49 per month. We also charge an additional 1% for each donation. Keep in mind that you must cancel Text to Give to avoid the monthly recurring charge. This can be canceled any time.

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