Exhibitor Access in the Attendee App

Log in to the attendee app and go to My Booth from your profile

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As an exhibitor at an in-person event, you can easily capture lead information, chat with attendees, approve meeting requests, and view your schedule in the Attendee App.

The attendee app is available for iOS and Android users to download.

Access My Booth in the Attendee App

  • Log in to the Attendee App. If you don't have a password, follow the prompts to reset or create one.

  • Click the event from My Events

  • Click Enter Event. You may only enter when the event is open.

  • Click your Profile on the top right

  • Select My Booth

Add Leads

In the My Booth menu, you'll see two options for adding leads to your booth.

  • Add Lead By QR Code - This allows you to scan the attendees' QR code, showing the attendee's information on your screen. From that screen, you can edit the information and save it.

  • Add Leads Manually—This opens a page where you can add and save the attendees' information.

Leads List

This will show you all the leads added to your booth. You can add more leads from this page and download the list. Click on a lead to see its information. From their information page, you can edit, delete, and send them a chat message.

Chat with a Lead

Chat with a lead allows you to send messages to the booth chat or reply to direct messages sent to you by leads.

If a lead has visited your booth through a browser (virtual and hybrid events), they can also participate in the booth chat in the app. If the event exclusively uses only the app, attendees won't see your booth chat messages.

Meetings Schedules

When a lead requests a meeting by clicking the calendar icon next to your name in the booth, that meeting will be added to Meeting Schedules. From this menu, you can filter to show meeting per staff and meeting status. You can select whether to view the meetings in a list or through a daily calendar.

Click the meeting to view its details and change the meeting status to accept, decline, propose a different time, or cancel. For confirmed meetings, you can also add other staff members to join your meeting.

Note: You will be notified through the bell icon on top if you have any meeting requests.

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