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Print Badges from Your Laptop
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Print from the Accelevents Admin Console

Printing directly from a printer connected to your laptop is possible, but depending on your printer, there may be different steps and outcomes. Our badge printing is designed to print a single badge per page. We recommend using a Label Printer such as a Zebra ZD420, 500, or 620 thermal printer. This can work with computer and tablet printing.

Note: Currently, there is no option to print badges in bulk. We are improving this; just stay tuned for updates.

Printing with an Ink Printer

If you're using a regular ink printer, a PDF file of the badge will be downloaded to your computer when you try to print. It will create that PDF in color, and you can use that file to print it on a regular ink printer. This is good for one-off prints from your laptop.

Printing with a Thermal Printer (Zebra)

If you're printing from a computer browser connected to a Zebra printer, you may need to install Browser Print. The Accelevents Platform has incorporated the Zebra Browser Print SDK into the Attendee Check-In page of our web application. This will allow you to print directly from the Check in page without going through your computer's system print dialog, making printing a badge from a computer/laptop web browser to a Zebra printer easier and faster.

Set Your Print Resolution

Setting your print resolution is especially important for Zebra printers, which can be 203, 300, or 600 DPI. The setting determines the size of your printed badge. This setting applies to computer printing.

  • Click the gear icon on the header while in the badge designer

  • Select the correct DPI for your printer

  • Click Save

Where Can Badges be Printed in Accelevents?

Aside from printing a test badge in the badge designer, you can print attendee badges in the Staff Portal, Check In Attendees, and Add Attendees tabs in the admin console.

Staff Portal - If you have staff checking in attendees in the event venue using a laptop, they can access the Staff Portal from the landing page to check in attendees and print their badges.

Attendees > Check In Attendees - From the admin console, you can check in and print badges for attendees.

Attendees > Add Attendees - After manually adding an attendee in the admin console, you'll see an option to print the badge. This is typically used for walk-in registrations.

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