Your Accelevents organizer profile is a central page that you can use to list all of your ongoing events. Not only does the organizer profile help you keep all events in one place, but you can promote this as a public page so that your audience can see each of your events and easily purchase their tickets.

Learn how to set up and promote your organizer profile by following the directions below:

1. Login to your Admin Console and click the Profile --> Manage Organizer option in the top right of the page:

 2. Click the Add New Button.
 3.  Add in the name of your organizer page:

 4. Setup your Organizer Profile by adding your logo ,description, website (if you have one), and social media accounts.

5. Once you've created your Organizer Profile, you can add your individual events to the profile by logging into your manager console and navigating to the Event Details. At the bottom of the page, you will find an option to add the event to your Organizer profile.

You can find your Organizer URL back in your profile --> manage organizer page. That URL can now be promoted across social media or via email to let everyone see your events.

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