Before your event starts, it's good to remind your attendees about your event. Some of them may have registered early and have forgotten about it. You can send them an email reminding them of what time it will start, instructions on how to login and details on how to contact you if they need help logging in.

To create a reminder email follow these steps:

  • Go to Registration > Order Confirmation

  • Click Create Schedule

  • Enter the date and time to schedule when the email will be sent

  • Add your subject line and email content

  • Click Schedule


  • You can only send up to 5 reminder emails

  • You can still send reminder emails after the event ends

  • There is a drafted reminder email in there which you can use if you want. You should see a JOIN EVENT link in that draft. When the attendee clicks that link, they will be redirected to your event page and be logged in automatically.

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