Can I use a Virtual Background?
Make your sessions more fun and engaging with a Virtual Background.
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With the increase of virtual events becoming a solution for connecting, a virtual background is a great way to make your interactions more fun and engaging!

Currently, Accelevents Studio does not have any virtual background function. We only have a background blur effect (STILL IN BETA) available in our Accelevents Studio when Tokbox is selected as the sub-stream provider.

You can use a third-party virtual camera, there are many options out there; you can download any app you may prefer to use and test it with Accelevents Studio.

Just follow the install instructions from the app of your preference, ensure your virtual camera is set up and running, then enter Accelevents Studio and look for the virtual camera from the camera selections.

To see if your virtual camera is appearing on the list,

  • Click the Settings (Gear icon) from the left menu panel

  • From the right-hand slider panel, click on the Camera selector

  • Select the virtual camera name from the list

Note: If it is your first time accessing Accelevents Studio, you may need to grant browser permission for our site to access your microphone and camera.

Here is a list of third-party virtual cameras that we tested and works with Accelevents Studio:

OBS Virtual Camera


To use ChromaCam, you must first download the application and follow the installation procedure stated on their site. If this is your first time installing ChromaCam, restart your device before looking for it inside the Accelevents Studio - ChromaCam won't work until your device is shut down completely.

Then within our platform, follow the steps to access the Accelevents Studio. Click here for steps on how to access the Accelevents Studio.

When you first enter your studio portal, you'll be asked to set up your audio and video devices. In the Camera field, select ChromaCam as your camera option.

In 15 seconds or less, the ChromaCam application will open, and you'll be able to choose between the different virtual event backgrounds available. In the Accelevents Studio, your video feed will reflect the virtual background you've chosen in the ChromaCam application!

ChromaCam is available for Windows and macOS X 10.14 or later.

NOTE: A paid version of ChromaCam Premium may be required for this service.

OBS Virtual Camera

When using OBS Virtual Camera, set up your camera and background first. Once you're satisfied with the preview, open Accelevents Studio, and select OBS Camera from the list; you will see this image on Accelevents Studio if you have not started the Virtual Camera from OBS yet:

Go back to OBS and hit Start Virtual Camera. This should show what OBS is previewing to Accelevents Studio.

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