Workshop sessions are best for roundtable open discussions between your attendees. Multiple workshop sessions can be scheduled at a time and will allow up to 25 attendees to be on camera at once and up to 250 attendees in the session with audio! This session type will stream from the Workshop tab of the virtual event hub.

Creating a Workshop Session

From your Admin Console > Agenda & Speakers > Add Session > Choose Workshop under Session Type.

In the Virtual Event Hub

Your attendees and speakers will be able to join this session from the Workshop tab of the Virtual Event Hub and join the discussion

View when someone shares their screen:

Pre-registering Attendees to a Workshop Session

As an admin, you now have the ability to pre-register your attendees to workshops!

  • Open your session details

  • Turn on Set session as private

  • Note: If it's set to private, then the session can only be seen by attendees registered to that session.

  • Click Refresh on your browser

  • Go back to your session details and click the Registrants tab

  • Type in the name of the attendee and select the attendee from the dropdown to pre-register the attendee to the workshop session

Frequently Asked Questions About Workshops

Are workshop sessions recorded?

  • No, workshop sessions are not recorded.

How soon can I join a Workshop session?

  • Workshop sessions will be open 2 minutes before their scheduled time.

How do you select who can be on camera?

  • The first 25 to turn on their cameras should appear on screen.

Can admins, staff, or speakers turn on / off the cameras of other attendees?

  • Yes, you can disable the camera for all or individual attendees.

  • For enabling the camera, you can click on the icon, but it will not automatically enable it, the attendee will get a pop-up message asking for permission to enable the camera.

Can admins, staff, or speakers mute or unmute other attendees?

  • Yes, you can mute all or individual attendees.

  • For unmuting, you can click on the icon, but it will not automatically unmute it, the attendee will get a pop-up message asking for permission to unmute.

Can admins, staff, and speakers kick out attendees from the session?

  • Yes

How will speakers enter the session?

  • When you add a speaker to this session, an automatic email will be sent to them, from that email, they can click the link to join the session.

  • To turn off the automatic email, click AGENDA SETTINGS from Sessions & Speakers tab and disable the automatic speaker invite email.

  • When assigned to one or more Workshop sessions, speakers will be able to join them through the My Speaking Schedule page.

Can attendees share their screens?

  • Yes

Can videos be shared?

  • Yes

What happens if the session schedule is over and there are still people in the workshop?

  • The session will continue even if the timer on the top right side has run out

How do we end a Workshop session?

  • A workshop session will continue on until everyone has left the session.

If all admins, staff, speakers, and moderators leave, will the session continue on for attendees?

  • Yes, it will continue on for the people left inside the session

What If I want to leave the session and have it stop for the remaining attendees?

  • For now, workshop sessions continue to run when there is at least one person inside the session, you can remove attendees one by one before leaving the session to totally close it off. You can do this by clicking the gear icon at the bottom, you will see a list of all attendees on the right side, the option to remove an attendee will be right beside the attendee's name on the list.

What happens when the session goes over the scheduled time and there are still attendees inside, are other new attendees able to join the session then?

  • Once the session's end time has arrived, the "Join" disappears, so attendees who are not inside the session won't be able to enter anymore.

What happens when I raise my hand? What do I see and what do other attendees see?

  • When you raise your hand, the button text will change to "Hand Down"

  • Everyone else in the workshop will see a small hand icon on the top left side of your video or icon placeholder box.

What's the difference between a Workshop Session and a Breakout Session?

  • Workshops will allow attendees to be on camera and mic

  • Breakouts will not allow attendees to be on camera and mic, only speakers can do this

  • Workshops will allow only up to 250 attendees

  • Breakouts will allow an unlimited number of attendees

  • Workshops are not recorded

  • Breakouts are recorded

What can we do if the video-sharing option is not working?

  • Make sure to disable Chrome's Hardware Acceleration setting

  • Google Chrome comes equipped with hardware acceleration, a feature that takes advantage of your computer’s GPU to speed up processes and free vital CPU time. However, sometimes driver incompatibilities can cause this feature to misbehave, and disabling it could save you a few headaches.

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