Workshop sessions are best for roundtable open discussions between your attendees. Multiple workshop sessions can be scheduled at a time and will allow up to 16 attendees to be on camera at once and up to 250 attendees in the session with audio! This session type will stream from the Workshop tab of the virtual event hub.

Contact a member of the Accelevents team to enable Workshop sessions for your event!

Creating a Workshop Session

From your Admin Console > Speakers & Session > Add Session > Choose Workshop under Session Type.

In the Virtual Event Hub

Your attendees and speakers will be able to join this session from the Workshop tab of the Virtual Event Hub and join the discussion

Frequently Asked Questions About Workshops

Are workshop sessions recorded?

  • No, workshop sessions are not recorded.

How soon can I join a Workshop session?

  • Workshop sessions will be open 2 minutes before their scheduled time.

How do you select who can be on camera?

  • The first 16 to turn on their cameras should appear on screen.

Can admins turn on the cameras of other attendees or mute other attendees?

  • They can click on the icon, but it will not automatically enable or disable it, the attendee will get a pop up message asking for permission to enable or disable the mic or camera.

Can admins and speakers kick out attendees from the session?

  • Yes.

How will speakers enter the session?

  • When you add a speaker to this session, an automatic email will be sent to them, from that email, they can click the link to join the session.
  • To turn off the automatic email, click AGENDA SETTINGS from Sessions & Speakers tab and disable automatic speaker invite email.
  • When assigned to one or more Workshop sessions, speakers will be able to join them through the My Talks page.

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