The Workshop breakout feature allows the speaker to split the attendees into smaller groups and assign them into separate rooms, allowing that group to focus into a particular discussion. The attendees would be able to go back to the main session once the speaker closes the breakout room or once they leave the breakout room itself.

In this article you'll learn how to do the following:

To create a workshop breakout room, you will need to create a workshop session first then create the room while you are in the session.

Create Breakout Rooms

  • Enter the workshop session through the virtual event hub

  • Select the Breakout room icon

  • Click +Add Room

  • Specify the number of breakout rooms you would like to create

Assign Attendees to Breakout Rooms

  • Select the attendees who will be assigned to a room

    • Automatically - randomly assign attendees to a room

    • Manually - attendees will choose which room they want to join

  • Click Create Rooms

Join a Breakout Room

Once the breakout rooms are created, they're automatically open, which means that attendees can go in immediately. If you selected Automatically, the attendees will be randomly distributed to the breakout rooms.

If you selected Manually, the attendees will have to do the following:

  • Click the Breakout Room icon

  • Click Join to enter their preferred room

Leave a Breakout Room

  • Select the End Call icon (red phone)

  • A pop up confirmation will be displayed on the screen

  • Click Leave

Close a Breakout Room

Closing the breakout room will automatically delete the room and move the attendees back to the main workshop session.

  • Select End Room

  • A pop up confirmation will be displayed on the screen

  • Click Confirm

Other Breakout Room Options

  • Rename - click the edit icon to update the breakout room name

  • Delete - click the trash icon, it will ask you to confirm before deleting

  • Switch - allows the attendees to move from one room to another

The Workshop Breakout Room feature is being actively updated, so stay tuned for new additions to this article!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create a breakout room?

  • Speakers and Admins can create a breakout room

What is the maximum number of breakout rooms that can be created?

  • A maximum of 5 breakout rooms can be created

Can you add additional rooms once the initial room has been created?

  • Yes, just click the +Add Room button

What happens when a breakout room is deleted while there are attendees inside?

  • The attendees will see a message on the screen indicating that the breakout room does not exist or was deleted. They need to click the Leave Breakout button to go back to the main session.

Can admins and speakers mute or unmute attendees?

  • Yes, click the attendee's microphone icon to mute or unmute

  • It will automatically mute the attendee.

  • To unmute the attendee, they will get a pop up notification to allow or deny the request.

Can admins and speakers enable or disable the attendee's camera?

  • Yes, click the attendee's camera icon to mute or unmute

  • It will automatically turn off attendee's camera

  • To turn on the attendee's camera, they will get a pop up notification to allow or deny the request.

Can I remove an attendee in a breakout room?

  • Yes, select the three dots at the far right of the attendee's name

  • Click Remove From Meeting

  • The attendee will be redirected to the main session

Can an attendee join the breakout room again once removed?

  • Yes, the attendee can join the breakout room again

Can you permanently prohibit an attendee from joining a breakout room?

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