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Session Moderators

Assign a moderator to your session!

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Session Moderators have full control -

To start or stop the live broadcast from within the Accelevents Studio allowing your remaining speakers to focus on their presentation. They also have the power to select which speakers will be shown or hidden from attendees during the live session.

With the moderator feature, you can assign one or multiple speakers to be session moderators.


Assigning a Speaker as a Moderator

After creating a speaker profile and adding them to a session, you will be able to toggle the Session Moderator on/off for them, as shown in the image below. There is no limit to how many of your speakers can be moderators for your sessions!

Hiding a Session Moderator from the List of Speakers

You can hide a moderator from the list of speakers by turning off the toggle for Show in the list of speakers.

The toggle will grey out when you've turned it off. This means the speaker will not be listed in the Speakers tab in the event landing and the virtual event hub lobby.

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