Creating a New Speaker

Once logged into your Accelevents account, enter the Admin Console for your event. Click on the Agenda & Speakers page from the navigation bar

Choose the “Speakers” tab from the top of the page.

Click “Add Speaker” from the top of the page. Fill out all information for your speaker. If desired, add a photo & links to their social media. We suggest a 1:1 image, preferably around 700x700 pixels.

Note: If you didn't add a profile image for your speaker, the profile image that your speaker adds when they edit their profile in the virtual event hub will be the image that appears.

All information will be automatically saved. When finished editing your speaker, simply click “X” to close the editor.

Adding a Speaker to a Session

Go to the "Sessions" tab of the Sessions & Speakers page.

Add a new session or click the pencil icon to edit an existing session.

Click the "Speakers" option within your Session. Begin typing your speaker's name & select it when the name appears. The speaker's profile will be automatically linked to the session.

After adding the speaker, they should receive an automatic email invite which has 2 links for your event: the backstage link for the session and the link to the My Talks page in the virtual event hub.

If you want to resend this invite, just click the Calendar icon from the speaker tab inside the session details.

Note: To learn more about Live Streaming with Accelevents Studio click here: Live Streaming with Accelevents

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