Add Closed Captions to Your Zoom Sessions

Add real time closed captioning using WebCaptioner

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Adding closed captioning to your session allows attendees to read what the speakers are saying, which can benefit your hearing-impaired audience. When using Zoom as your stream provider for your session, you can add closed captioning by assigning someone to type it in or use a 3rd party closed captioning service.

In this article, you will learn how to set up closed captioning in Zoom using a 3rd party service, WebCaptioner.

Adding Closed Captions to Zoom Sessions

1. Enable Closed Captioning in Zoom

2. Copy the Zoom API Token

  • Once you start your broadcast, click the Closed Caption button and copy the URL (Zoom API Token)

3. Paste the Zoom API Token to WebCaptioner

  • Paste your Zoom API Token

  • Click Add Channel

  • Click Start Captioning

After clicking the Start button, it will ask you to allow / enable your microphone so that it can capture your voice. Once you enable that, start speaking, you should instantly see the captions in your WebCaptioner page. To see it in Zoom, click the arrow beside the Closed Captioning Button and select View Full Transcript.

For attendees they also need to click Closed Captioning Button and select View Full Transcript to see the closed captions.

If you're not using Zoom for your session, here are the other closed captioning options:

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