Add Closed Captions to Your Zoom Sessions
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Add Closed Captions to Zoom Sessions

Adding closed captions to your session can benefit your hearing-impaired audience. When using Zoom as your stream provider, you can enable Zoom's built-in captions, assign someone to type, or use a 3rd party captioner.

Built In Captions

When using the built-in captions, attendees just need to click Show Captions at the bottom, select the language, and click View Full Transcript.

Assign Someone to Type the Captions

You or someone from your team can also type the captions while the session is live. This may be a better option if you want to ensure all the words are captured (since AI sometimes doesn't get everything). In the captions button, choose Set Up Manual Captioner and assign the role to someone. A pop-up will appear where they can start typing.

Use a 3rd Party Caption Tool

If you have 3rd party app, you just need to copy the API token from the manual captioning menu and paste it into the 3rd part close captioning tool and follow the other instructions from the tool to make the captions appear.

If you're not using Zoom for your session, here are the other closed captioning options:

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