Verifying the account increases the security of users as they sign up for Accelevents. It ensures that the person signing up with a particular email address actually owns that email address.

If attendees did not buy their ticket through your event page, they will see an option to verify their account in their order confirmation email. They will see a VERIFY ACCOUNT button just above the Join The Event button.

This button will only appear if the registration is facilitated by the event organizer by uploading the attendee through a .csv or manually adding them in the Add Attendee tab in the admin console.

When the attendee clicks the button Verify Account it will ask them to set up a password. Make sure they follow password parameters.

Once they verify their account by creating a password, they will be redirected to the events tab in their account where they will see all the events that they registered for.

Verifying their account also logs them in. So when they access the event landing page by clicking the event from the image above, all they need to do is click the Enter Event button on the event page to get to the virtual event hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do attendees need to verify their account?

  • Since they were added from the admin console, it ensures that the attendee signing up with a particular email address actually owns that email address.

If the attendee registers through the event landing page, will they have to verify their account?

  • No, by registering themselves they knowingly enter their own email address and they are setting up their password during this process.

Can we remove the verification step?

  • No, this step will always appear if they have not verified their account.

What will happen if they did not verify their account?

  • If they haven't verified the account yet through the order confirmation email, and they visit the event's page while currently logged out, they will be asked to verify their account when they click the Enter Event button.

  • What's shown below is what you'll see and the steps to complete registration once you click the enter event button and have not verified your account yet.

    A prompt appears asking for a magic link to be sent.

    The following prompt confirms the magic link has been sent.

    When you check your email and click on the magic link, it will redirect you to the event's landing page to set up your password. Once done you're logged in and can now enter the virtual event hub.

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