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When are Attendees Asked to Verify their Accounts?
When are Attendees Asked to Verify their Accounts?

Verifying an account confirms that the email address belongs to the individual creating it, providing increased security and privacy.

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Easier Access to the Event

Accelevents has made it easier for attendees to join the event without creating or entering a password. We have eliminated the step of creating a password during registration. To make it easier, attendees will be asked to verify the account when they try to enter the event without a password.

Verifying the account increases the security of users as they sign up for Accelevents. It ensures that the person signing up with the email address owns that email address.

What is Account Verification?

The account verification process involves the user clicking a link or button from an email they receive from Accelevents. Clicking a link from the user's inbox is required to ensure that the person trying to log in to the account is the actual owner of the email address. This link can be the magic link or the link for the Join Event button from the order confirmation email.

Account Verification Process

OPTION 1: Click the "Join Event" button from the email

The order confirmation email the attendee receives will have a Join Event button when they register for the event.

When the attendee clicks the Join Event button from the email, it verifies that they are the owner of that email address. When clicked, it will automatically log them in and enter the event (if the event is already open).

If the event hasn't started, attendees will be redirected to the event landing page since they can't enter the virtual event hub yet. They will appear as logged in.

OPTION 2: Click the link in the magic link email

The magic link email is an email sent by event admins to attendees if they need help logging in to the event. Clicking the link from the email verifies their account, just like the Join Event button. This step may require attendees to enter a password if they have never created one, but they can skip it by closing the pop-up window.

OPTION 3: Click the "Enter Event" button from the event page

If attendees click the Enter Event button directly from the event landing page, they may have the option to send themselves a magic link email to verify their account. This option will only appear if they have never created a password. If they created one previously, they would be asked to enter it. And just like option 2, they can skip creating a password by closing the pop-up window after clicking the magic link from their email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do attendees need to verify their accounts?

  • The verification process ensures that the person logging in using the email address is the same person who owns that email address.

If the attendee registers through the event landing page, will it verify their account?

  • It depends on the step they take.

    • Yes, if upon registration, they click the Sign In or Log in button, which requires them to create an account or access an existing account.

    • No, if upon registration, they follow the regular registration steps and enter their name and email address. They will verify later by clicking the Join Event button from the email.

Can we remove the verification step?

  • No, this step is needed to ensure that the person logging in to the event is the owner of the email address used to register for the event.

  • It also makes it easier for users who forgot their password or didn't want to create one. All they need is to click links to get verified and get into the event.

What will happen if they do not verify their account?

  • If they don't verify their account (click the link from the email), they will be asked to enter their password if they have previously created one. If they don't have a password, their next option to enter the event is to verify their account by clicking the link from the email, or they have to create an account, which will ask them to verify their account and create a password.

When do you recommend attendees verify their accounts?

  • They only need to do it if they want to enter the event. But if they want to log in for other purposes, such as pre-registering sessions, they can do it in advance.

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