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The Overview

View and access shortcuts to all the key details of your event, at a glance!

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The Overview Tab

This tab provides a summary of key elements of your event. This area will help you keep track of everything you have already created and added, anything that is pending, and the progress of your event's registration. In addition, the Overview tab will have shortcuts to event settings and features to help you build your event more efficiently.

Publish or Preview Your Event

The topmost section is where you can publish your event publicly or privately. This is a required step for virtual and hybrid events. We recommend publishing when you're ready to sell event tickets.

  • Public - your event will be added to our event listing page for added publicity.

  • Private - your event will not be added to our event listing page.

The Preview Event dropdown has the same function as the View Site button on your screen. You can select whether to view your live event landing page or virtual event hub.

Event Setup Made Easy

The Overview includes a section where you can take shortcuts to key elements in setting up your event. Clicking these shortcuts will take you to their corresponding configuration sections.

Event Details

This section will give you an overview of your event details, such as the date & time and the timezone it is set on, event format, plan, and organizer. Clicking Edit on the upper right will take you to the Event Details configuration sections, where you can make and save changes.

Event Features

The features available for your event based on your plan will be listed here. A green check mark means you've already created entries in these features, while a locked icon next to a feature means it is not available in the current plan the event is on. Clicking Edit takes you to the corresponding configuration sections to add content to your event.


An overview of your event's registrations will be shown in this section, including a list of the tickets you've already created for your event. Clicking View on the top right will take you to the Set Up Tickets configuration section, where you can edit and save ticket details.

  • Tickets Created are the number of ticket types, including the donation tickets, excluding add-ons.

  • Tickets Sold is the number of tickets purchased, excluding canceled, deleted, donation tickets, and add-ons. The rows below will show the breakdown for each ticket type.

  • Registrants are everyone who can access the event, including attendees, admins, staff, speakers, and exhibitors, including donations tickets, excluding duplicate emails and deleted tickets.

  • Add-Ons Sold is the number of add-ons purchased, excluding those canceled and deleted.

A higher count of Registrants than Ticket Sold is normal, as some of your event admins, exhibitors, and speakers may not have tickets. If your Ticket Sold exceeds the Registrants, you may have attendees with duplicate tickets. You can cross-check this information by downloading the Registration Data report and filtering it accordingly to get matching results.


The Agenda section lists the sessions you've created for your event, along with relevant information such as the day, date, duration, session name and the number of speakers per session. Clicking View in the upper right corner will take you to the Agenda & Speakers configuration section, where you can add, edit, and save changes to the Agenda.


Added speakers to the event will be listed in the Speakers section of the Overview, along with their registered email addresses. Clicking either View on the upper right corner or the Add Speaker button will take you to the Speakers configuration section, where you can add more speakers and edit or delete existing speaker information.


This section will show exhibitor booths already created for your event with their booth name as a tooltip. Clicking either View or the Add button will take you to the Exhibitors & Sponsors configuration section, where you can add more booths and edit or delete existing exhibitor booth information.

Team Members

Added event admins and staff in your event will be listed in the Team Members section, along with their event roles and online/offline status. Clicking View or Add Member will take you to the Manage Team configuration section,, where you can add more team members, designate their event roles, and edit and delete existing team member information.

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