How to Create a Survey

Get feedback from your attendees through a survey form - send it through the session, push notification, or send the link through email!

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The Survey Feature

Creating surveys allows you to get feedback from attendees. You can ask about what they liked in certain parts of the event and ask for suggestions on how it can be improved. This tool can give a clearer view of how satisfied attendees were with the event.

Create Post Event Survey Questions for Attendees

To start creating your survey questions, log in to your admin console

  • Go to Engage > Surveys.

  • Click Create Survey.

  • Add a Name and Title to your survey. The Name shows on your admin console, while the Title shows on the survey form itself.

  • It is optional to add a Description to your survey.

  • Click +Add question and select a question type from the dropdown menu.

  • Enter your survey question

  • Enable the toggle for Required if you require an answer to this question.

  • Click Add

  • You can continue to add more questions, then click Create when you've added all the questions to your survey.

Test the Survey

  • Click the 3-dot icon, then select Copy link.

  • Open the link in a new tab, and you can answer the survey form from there.

  • After answering the survey, click Submit Response.

  • If the answers were submitted successfully, you would receive the message: Thanks for your feedback!

Send the Survey Form to Attendees

Note: Attendees may only answer the survey once.

1. Add the Survey to a Session

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers and click the session's pencil icon.

  • Under Session Details, scroll down to Advanced Settings and enable the toggle for Enable post session survey.

  • Select the survey that you want to add to the session.

  • The survey will appear as a pop-up at the end of the broadcast.

    Important Note: If your video / broadcast ends earlier than the session end time, the pop-up will not appear. We suggest scheduling a push notification instead.

2. Send the Survey in a Push Notification

  • Go to Engage > Send Push Notification.

  • Click +Create New.

  • Add a Title and add the link to the survey in the Message.

  • Attendees will immediately receive the notification when you click Send. They would receive the notification at the scheduled time if you chose to Send Later.

3. Send the Survey via Email

  • Go to Engage > Send Email.

  • Click +Create New.

  • Select All Attendees/Buyers as recipients, add a Title, then add the link to the survey in the Message.

  • Click Save, then you may choose to Send Test Email first before sending it to participants

  • Click Send if you'd like to send the email immediately, or choose to Send Later if you want it sent at a later scheduled date and time.

There are many other areas where you can add the survey link:

Download Survey Results

Download an overview of all survey submissions.

  • On Engage > Surveys click the Download button.

  • A CSV file will be downloaded.

  • The report will contain the following:

    • Survey Name

    • Survey Title

    • Description

    • Survey Questions

    • Submissions (number of attendees that answered the survey).

Download a report on a single survey.

  • Click the 3-dot menu for the survey that you'll need a report on and select Download submissions.

  • A CSV file will be downloaded.

  • The report will contain the following:

    • Survey Name

    • Trigger (link to the survey)

    • Submission Time and Date

    • Email

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Questions as a column header and answers found below each header

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