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How to Create a Survey

Get feedback from your attendees through a survey form - send it through the session, push notification, or send the link through email!

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The Survey Feature

Creating surveys allows you to get feedback from attendees. You can ask about what they liked in certain parts of the event and ask for suggestions on improving it. This tool can give a clearer view of attendees' satisfaction with the event.


  • Survey pop-up will show for virtual and hybrid events access through a browser and attendee app.

  • Surveys for in-person events accessed through the attendee app can be accessed through a session, but it will not appear as a pop-up, it will be a tab in the activity menu.

  • Attendees may only answer the survey once.

Create Post Event Survey Questions for Attendees

To start creating your survey questions, log in to your admin console

  • Go to Engage > Surveys

  • Click Create Survey

  • Uncheck or leave checked if the survey is restricted to attendees only (this is checked by default, and it will require that the attendee is logged to answer the survey)

  • Add a Name and Header to your survey.

    • The Name is only an internal name

    • The Header is shown on the survey form itself.

  • You can add an optional Description to your survey.

  • Click +Add question

  • Select a question type.

  • Enter your survey question.

  • Enable the toggle for Required if you require an answer to this question.

  • You can also allow attendees to add a description to their answers for some question types

  • Click Add

  • You can continue to add more questions, then click Create when you've added all the questions to your survey.

  • You can also customize the message they see after they submit the survey through the Customization tab.

  • The completion message will only be available if the survey is completed through the survey link. It will not appear if they survey was completed through the session's survey pop-up.

Test the Survey Link

  • Click the 3-dot icon, then select the Copy link.

  • Open the link in a new tab, and you can answer the survey form from there.

  • After answering the survey, click Submit Response.

  • You will see your custom completion message if the answers were submitted successfully.

  • If you access the link after completing the survey, you will be notified that you've already completed it and can see the answers you've given. Answers can no longer be edited after submission.

Add the Survey to a Session

If you want to get your attendees' feedback about the session, you can have the survey shown as a pop-up at the end of the session.

  • Open the session for editing.

  • Go to Advanced Settings

  • Turn on the toggle to Enable Post Session Survey

  • Select the survey

The survey will appear as a pop-up at the end of the broadcast.

  • It will only appear if the broadcast ends after or exactly at the session end time.

  • If your video / broadcast ends earlier than the session end time, the pop-up will not appear. We suggest scheduling a push notification instead.

  • If you're using RTMP through OBS, the survey pop-up will only appear when the attendee exits the session.

The Survey in the Attendee App for Virtual and Hybrid Events

If attendees access the virtual session in the app, they will also see the survey at the end of the session.

The Survey in the Attendee App for In-Person Events

When attendees access the session in the app for in-person events, the survey will not appear as a pop-up. Instead, they can access the Survey tab in the Activity section to respond to the survey.

Send the Survey in a Push Notification

In addition to sending the survey through sessions, you can create push notifications with the survey link included. This will reach a larger audience as you can target everyone logged in to your event.

Send the Survey via Email

In the post-event email you send to your attendees, you can also include the survey link to get more feedback if they couldn't answer during the event. You can use the Send Email feature in Engage to send your emails.

Other Areas In the Event to Add the Survey Link

There are many other areas where you can add the survey link:

Download Survey Results

Download an overview of all survey submissions.

  • On Engage > Surveys click the Download button.

  • A CSV file will be downloaded.

  • The report will contain the following:

    • Survey Name

    • Survey Title

    • Description

    • Survey Questions

    • Submissions (number of attendees that answered the survey).

Download a report on a single survey.

  • Click the 3-dot menu for the survey you'll need a report on and select Download results.

  • A CSV file will be downloaded.

  • The report will contain the following:

    • Survey Name

    • Trigger (link to the survey)

    • Submission Time and Date

    • Email

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Questions as a column header and answers found below each header

Note: If you allowed anyone to answer the survey, those who answered the survey without logging in will not have email and name information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can attendees re-open the survey link if they did not answer the first time they accessed it?

  • Yes, attendees can answer it later.

Can attendees review their answers in the survey?

  • If they click the link again, they should see their answers.

Can attendees edit their answers in the survey?

  • Attendees won't be able to edit their answers in the survey once they have submitted it.

Will attendees get an email confirmation after they respond to a survey?

  • Attendees won't get an email confirmation after they have submitted answers to a survey.

Can surveys be included in gamification?

  • Surveys cannot be included in gamification.

What happens when an attendee clicks the survey link again that they've already answered?

  • Attendees will get a notification that they have already answered the survey, and it will display their answers.

Can the same survey be used for different sessions?

  • Yes, the same survey may be used for different sessions, but if they've already answered it in the previous session, they won't be able to answer it again. It's better to create a different survey for each session if you'd like to gather more session feedback from your attendees.

Can you trigger a survey pop-up mid-session?

  • The survey pop-up will appear only at the end of the session, but you can schedule a push notification with your survey link.

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