How Does a Virtual Expo Work?
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In today's day & age, the idea that you need to be in-person for a trade show or expo is simply false. Just like so many other aspects of work & play, the internet provides the capability to do it all from your home or even on the go!

Exploring the Dynamics of a Virtual Expo

Just like with an in-person expo, virtual expos allow attendees to browse through & engage with different booths & vendors. Accelevents also offers networking capabilities for the expo attendees, making the experience even more valuable. One of the best parts of virtual events is that travel is not an issue for neither vendors or attendees, making it an even wider pool for everyone to cast their nets in.

As the event admin, you are able to create and sell different tiers of vendor booths, giving your participating vendors the opportunity to pay for a better position in the virtual hall, larger space on the page, or even designating them a Preferred or Premium label.

Once an attendee has entered the virtual event, they can visit the virtual expo hall to browse the participating vendors. If they click into a booth, attendees can view any materials uploaded by the vendor, view & engage with a live (or pre-recorded) demo, or even have a one on one conversation with a vendor representative.

If an attendee engages with a specific vendor, they will be added to a list of leads that the vendor can access to note their interest in their company/product. 

Overall, virtual expos can offer many of the same functions as an in-person event, but call also lower costs & geographic limits, opening your event to a larger scope.

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