Speakers and Exhibitors invitation e-mail

What triggers automatic e-mails for speakers and exhibitors?

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Invitation Emails

For Speakers

The next step after setting up a session is adding the speakers. You can follow this article to learn more about Creating a New Speaker & Adding a Speaker to a Session. When you add the speakers to a session, they receive a notification e-mail with three links, the first will redirect them to the My Speaking Schedule section in the Virtual Event Hub, the second link will redirect them to their specific session, and the third link will redirect them to Speaker Onboarding.

If, for any reason, a speaker didn't receive the invitation e-mail, don't worry! You can resend the same e-mail by going in the Session settings, then Speakers tab and click on "Send calendar invite to speaker", as seen here:

In case you don't want your speakers to automatically receive the invitation e-mail, you can disable this option in the Agenda Settings:


  • If you change the session's Streaming Provider, for example, the link to access the session will change, so make sure your speakers have the most accurate information by resending them the invitation.

  • Enabling or disabling the toggle to allow the speaker to be a session moderator will not trigger any notification for them, so they won't know unless you tell them.

For Exhibitors

When you create an Exhibitor Booth and Add Exhibitors Admins, the exhibitors will receive an invitation e-mail like this one. By clicking on "Access the Account" they will be redirected to the "My Booth" section in the Admin console:

If the exhibitor didn't receive the invitation e-mail, you can resend the invitation e-mail by clicking on the button below, under the Exhibitor settings > Team in the Admin console:

Note: For both Speakers and Exhibitors, the invitation e-mail will only redirect them to their session or booth. In case they want to attend other sessions or the event as a whole, they'll need to be registered as attendees as well.

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