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Add Ticket Restrictions: Select How Many and Which Sessions They Can Join
Add Ticket Restrictions: Select How Many and Which Sessions They Can Join

Learn how to make restrictions on ticket types!

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An attendee's ticket has access to all event days, but as an admin, you can restrict which sessions they can join. For example, if you want your attendee to be able to watch just the sessions for Day 1 of your event, then you can set their ticket type to access only the sessions for Day 1. You can also restrict how many sessions they can join.

To set this up, you have to create a ticket type for your event, and of course, you'll need sessions added to the agenda.

Once you have that in place, you can start adding ticket restrictions.

Setting up Ticket Restrictions

Restrict Session Access

By default, all tickets can access all sessions. To make restrictions, you need to unselect all the other ticket types that won't have access to those sessions.

If you created Ticket A and Ticket B, by default, Ticket A and Ticket B can access all the sessions. To ensure that only Ticket A can access sessions for Day 1, you need to unselect Ticket B from all the sessions happening on Day 1.

  • Open the session for editing

  • Scroll down to Ticket Types and click the dropdown

  • Unselect the ticket types that will not have access to join this session

If an attendee has a ticket that has no access to this session and tries to join or bookmark it, they will get an error message that says, "Your ticket does not permit access to this session."

If you cannot unselect the ticket type because attendees are registered for the session, you can remove them from the session through the Registrants tab.

Alternatively, if many attendees have registered, you can add a tag or track restriction instead of removing them one by one. Adding a tag or track restriction will unselect the ticket type from the session settings without removing the attendees from the Registrants tab. If attendees who previously registered/bookmarked the session try to join the session through My Sessions, they will get an error message that they have no access to this session.

Restrict Session Registrations

By default, attendees are allowed to register for all available sessions. You need to indicate how many sessions they can register for to restrict how many sessions they can join.

  • Open your ticket type for editing.

  • Go to Advanced Settings

  • Scroll down to Number of Sessions allowed to register field, then enter a number.

By doing this, attendees with that ticket can only bookmark or join sessions up to the number you indicated. If they have reached the maximum and try to bookmark or join another session, they will get an error message.

Other Ticket Restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

If I restrict their access to only Day 1? Will I still be charged for the other days?

  • Yes, the charge is per registrant and not number of days present.

Can I still change the ticket restrictions after an attendee buys a ticket?

  • Yes, you can still change it, and the attendee's restrictions will be updated when they try to join sessions.

If an attendee has 2 tickets with different restrictions, what ticket rules will be followed?

  • If one ticket allows the attendee to enter a session and the other does not, it would allow them to enter the session.

If an attendee has already chosen which sessions they want to watch and want to change it, can they still do that?

  • Yes, if their ticket allows them to join only a certain number of sessions, they can unregister for one session if they want to pre-register for another one.

  • If they have already joined the live session, that session is counted, and they can no longer unregister.

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