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Using the Built-in Closed Captioning for Live Sessions
Using the Built-in Closed Captioning for Live Sessions

Default closed captioning is available for Accelevents Studio and RTMP

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Adding Closed Captioning to Your Session

This allows attendees to read what the speakers say, benefitting your hearing-impaired audience.

Accelevents has a built-in closed captioning feature, now in Beta, that you can use for live Main Stage or Regular sessions using Accelevents Studio or RTMP as stream providers. The 3-liner closed captions will appear as an overlay at the bottom of the video. It should also appear when viewing the session recording, but in the recording, it can show up to 6 lines.

Note: The speaker has to speak clearly, loudly, and slowly to ensure that it captures accurate captions. Using a microphone and headset is recommended.

Enable Default Closed Captions

  • Create a Main Stage or Regular session through the Agenda & Speakers tab

  • Click the Broadcasting tab, select Accelevents Studio or Accelevents RTMP

  • Turn on the toggle for Enable default live captioning

  • Note: You can only turn the toggle on if the session schedule is in the future.

The 3-liner caption box should appear as an overlay at the bottom of the video. As a default, the captions will show automatically, but viewers can turn it off by clicking the CC button that appears when you hover on the lower right of the video.

The caption box may adjust its position upwards or downwards when the viewer resizes the browser or zooms in or out.

The built-in closed captioning will also capture the audio on a shared video in the closed captioning. If the speakers' cameras are turned on while sharing a screen or video, the captions may partly cover them as the speaker videos will appear at the bottom of the screen.

The captions should appear when viewing the recording. Viewers can still turn off the captions by clicking the 3 dot menu at the bottom right, and then selecting Captions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a delay in the closed captions showing up?

  • Yes, there may be some delays at the start, but it eventually catches up with what the speaker is saying at the moment.

  • If the speaker is speaking too fast, there may be delays as there are only 3 lines for the captions.

Are the captions going to show in the downloaded video recording file?

  • No

Can we download the captions as a separate file?

  • No

Can we use both the default live captioning and custom subtitles features simultaneously in the same session?

  • No, it will only allow you to toggle on one of the features.

Will the uploaded vtt or srt file work on a session where the built-in live captioning is enabled?

  • It will allow you to upload it, but it will not show on the video. It will show the captions from the live session.

Can we change the color and size of the caption text and box?

  • No

Do speakers need to do anything to have the captions show?

  • Speakers don't need to click on anything. The captions will automatically show.

  • Speakers have to speak clearly, loudly, and slowly to ensure that it captures accurate captions.

  • We recommend speaking directly through the microphone and using a headset.

Are captions going to appear in the Studio?

  • No, it's only visible to attendees while watching the session.

What other closed captioning options are there if we don't want to use the default one?

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