Other Raffle Settings

Set your raffle end date and time, hide the raffle tab, set raffle ticker prices and more!

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You can customize the other raffle options through Raffle > Settings when you're done adding raffle items.

Raffle Settings

Here, you can edit the following:

Set The End Date and Time

The raffle end date & time is the time at which your raffle sales will end. For Raffles, this is when our system will randomly select winners for each prize based on the number of digital raffle tickets that have been submitted for each.

Just so you know, you don't need to set the raffle start date, as the start date will always be when you activate your raffle.

Create a Complimentary Ticket Code

You can create a 4-letter code that participants will text to your event text number to redeem their free raffle ticket. They will get a reply through text with a link to claim the free ticket.

Raffle Description

The raffle description will appear at the top of your Raffle tab on the event page. Aside from text, you can also add images and videos using the content editor.


Adding categories to your raffle items makes it easier for participants to filter them. You should see the category field in the Add Item right-side menu when categories are enabled.

In the Category Management section at the bottom, there are 4 default categories that you can edit or delete to suit your raffle items. You can also add new categories.

Auto Submit On Purchase

When this option is turned on, participants no longer need to submit tickets to items. Once they purchase, the system automatically and randomly distributes those tickets to raffle items. You may want to enable this feature if you have only 1 item or don't want to hassle your participants with selecting items.

Enable Market Value

This feature allows you to enter the market value of the raffle item. When this is enabled, you should see the Market Value field in the Add Items right-side menu.

Collect Fundraising Participant Mailing Addresses

If you have physical raffle items, you may want to turn this on so you can send the items to the winners. Participants will be asked for their addresses the first time they buy raffle tickets, and for the next ones, the address will auto-populate, and they just need to confirm if it's the correct address.

Show Raffle Countdown Timer

When enabled, the raffle countdown timer should show on the Raffle tab below the raffle description on your event page.

Show the Raffle Tab

If you're still setting up your raffle items, it might be a good idea to hide the raffle tab and show it when everything is complete.

Display Total Tickets Submitted

If this is turned on, participants can see if many want to win this item by looking at the total number of tickets submitted.

Maximum Tickets to be Sold

You can set a cap on how many raffle tickets you want to sell. If you've sold all the tickets and someone tries to purchase, they will get a message that raffle tickets are sold out.

Show Text Message Instructions for Raffle

The instructions with the event text message number should appear in the Raffle tab below the raffle description on your event page. If you're not allowing your participants to submit raffle tickets through text, it's best to hide this.

Reset the Raffle

This is what happens when you click the Reset button:

  • All raffle ticket submissions and purchases will be cleared from your raffle. Just so you know, clearing it does not mean the tickets are refunded.

  • Delete all winner history

  • You'll be able to edit your event end date and time if it's in the past.

  • Your raffle will go back to test mode if you have previously activated it

  • This will NOT delete your raffle items

Raffle Ticket Prices

You can create raffle ticket bundles that allow participants to buy more than 1 ticket per transaction. You can also create a cheaper price point if they buy bigger bundles to encourage people to buy more tickets.

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