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Find out where attendee messages are sent when they use the Contact button.

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The Contact Button

This is where attendees can contact event organizers if they have any questions about an event. It can easily be found on top of your event page. Attendees can just hit the Contact button to send you a message. We're all about making their event experience smooth and informed, so this feature is available on both the event site and the attendee mobile app.

All event team members will receive messages sent to the Contact button. That way, attendees will get quick responses. We also understand that notifications can be overwhelming. So, if admins prefer, they can turn off these notifications.

Contact Button on Event Landing Page

The Contact button is available on the event site's header. When clicked, a pop-up will open where attendees can enter their name, email address, and message.

Contact Button on Attendee App

On the event landing page in the attendee app, click the 3-dot menu on top. Click Contact Organizer from the menu at the bottom. Since the attendee is already logged in, the name and email address are already pre-filled. They just need to enter the message and hit Send Message.

Receive the Message

The message will be sent to all the event team members' email addresses and the email address indicated in your Organizer Profile.

The message from the attendee would look something like this:

Reply to the Attendee

When you reply to attendees, the email will come from your email address. If more than 1 team member is monitoring the attendee messages, it may be best to include the other team members in your reply so that they'll be informed that someone is already handling the attendee's concern.

Disable Email Notifications

If you want only 1 person handling all attendee inquiries, it's best to turn off the notifications for others.

  • Go to Settings > Manage Team in the admin console

  • Click the 3-dot menu found on the far right side of the team member's name

  • Click Settings

  • Disable the toggle for Questions from attendees from the pop-up

  • Click Save

Frequently Asked Questions

What attendee information is shared with event admins?

  • They will see the attendee's name and email address, the event name where the question was asked, the page where it was asked, and the attendee's question.

Do you only allow registered attendees to use the Contact button?

  • No, anyone accessing the contact button through a browser can send you a message. They will be asked to leave their name and email address so you can contact them even if they have not registered for the event.

If an attendee responds to their order confirmation or to reminder emails, will it also be sent to event admins?

  • No, it will be sent to the Default 'Reply-to' email.

  • Where can I change the Default 'Reply-to' email?

    On your event's admin console, go to Settings > General Settings.

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