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Different Event Formats and Ticket Types

In-person, Hybrid and Virtual Events and Tickets

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When creating your event, you will need to select its format, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Similar to your event format, you'll also need to decide what ticket type you'll create. In this article, we'll discuss those event formats and what ticket types you need to create so that attendees can enter your event!

Event Formats and Ticketing Options


An in-person event is one that takes place in a physical venue. Examples include trade expos and car shows. When attendees arrive at your venue, they can enter by providing their information, such as their name or QR code, at the entrance. Then, your staff can check them in through the admin console, staff portal, or app. When you create an in-person event, all tickets will automatically be in-person tickets.


A virtual event is one that takes place online. Examples include online conferences, webinars, and product launches. Attendees can join the event by logging in to your event to access the virtual event hub or through the attendee app. When you create a virtual event, all tickets will automatically be virtual.


A hybrid event is an event that is a combination of in-person and virtual. An example would be conducting a concert in a physical venue; attendees from home can also watch the show online. When you create a hybrid event, you'll have the option to create tickets that will give your attendees access to the in-person event, tickets that will have access just to the virtual event, and tickets that can have access to both.

Ticket Type Access

If an attendee has an in-person ticket, they can enter the physical venue but not the virtual event.

If an attendee has a virtual event ticket, they can enter the virtual event but not the physical venue.

If an attendee has a hybrid ticket, they can enter both the physical venue and the virtual event.

Note: You can still change the ticket type access even after you have sold tickets.

Creating your tickets

If you have an in-person or virtual event, you'll only have the option to create tickets specifically for that event format. If you have a hybrid event, it will show you the 3 ticket access options.

  • Go to Registration

  • Set Up Tickets

  • Click Create Ticket

  • Customize your ticket preferences

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