Different Event Formats and Ticket Types

In-person, Hybrid and Virtual Events and Tickets

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When creating your event, you will need to select what your event format will be, whether it's in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Similar to your event format, you'll also need to decide what ticket type you'll create for your event. In this article, we'll be discussing those event formats and what ticket types you need to create so that attendees can enter your event!

Event Formats and Ticketing Options


An in-person event is an event that is happening in a physical venue. Examples would be trade expos and car shows. You'll need to create an in-person ticket when you create an in-person event. When attendees arrive at your venue, they can enter your event by giving their info at the entrance. Then you or your staff can check them in through the admin console, staff portal, or app.


A virtual event is an event that is happening online. An example would be online conferences, webinars, and product launches. When you create a virtual event, you'll also need to create a virtual event ticket allowing attendees to join online sessions, network with other attendees, and explore virtual expos by logging in to your event page.


A hybrid event is an event that is a combination of in-person and virtual. An example would be conducting a concert in a physical venue; attendees from home can also watch the show online. When you create a hybrid event, you'll have the option to create tickets that will give your attendees access to the in-person event, tickets that will have access just to the virtual event, and tickets that can have access to both.

Ticket Type Access

If an attendee has an in-person ticket, they can enter the physical venue, but they cannot enter the virtual event.

If an attendee has a virtual event ticket, they can enter the virtual event, but they cannot enter the physical venue.

If an attendee has a hybrid ticket, they can enter both the physical venue and the virtual event.

Note: You can still change the ticket type access even after you have sold tickets.

Creating your tickets

If you have an in-person or virtual event, you'll only have the option to create tickets specifically for that event format. If you have a hybrid event, it will show you the 3 ticket access options.

  • Go to Registration

  • Set Up Tickets

  • Click Create Ticket

  • Customize your ticket preferences

Edit Ticket Options

  • Ticket tier

    • Paid - ticket that requires payment upon checkout

    • Free - ticket that does not require payment upon checkout

    • Donation - this is not a ticket. It's an option to donate while buying a ticket

  • Name - label of the ticket

  • Quantity - number of tickets you want to sell

  • Price - ticket cost

  • Fees - option to pass the credit card processing fee and Accelevents fee to the customer or absorb those fees. Click here to learn more about fees.

  • Ticket type

    • In-Person - allows the attendee to enter the physical event only

    • Virtual - allows the attendee to join the virtual event only

    • Hybrid - allows the attendee to enter both the physical and virtual event

  • Sales Start - date of when you'll begin accepting registrations and ticket purchase

  • Sales End - date of when you'll end accepting registrations and ticket purchase

  • Ticket Description - option to add more information about the ticket

Advance Settings

  • Track Restrictions- Prevent sessions within certain tracks from appearing inside the Agenda.

  • Tag Restrictions- Prevent Items with specific tags from appearing to holders of the ticket type.

  • Other Restrictions- Limit the attendee's visibility/functionality of Lounges, Chat, and/or Exhibitor Booths in the Virtual Event Hub by checking the desired boxes.

  • Tickets allowed per order- set a limit to the number of tickets per purchase.

    • Individual - use this to sell single tickets

    • Table - use this to sell bundle tickets for in-person events wherein guests can buy tickets for an entire table seating.

    • Sponsor - use this to sell bundle tickets for a group of sponsors

    • Block - use this to sell bundle tickets for other group types

  • Number of sessions allowed to register - set a limit on how many sessions this ticket will allow an attendee to attend

  • PDF Attachments in the Order Confirmation Email - option to include a ticket copy in the confirmation letter attendees receive, and/or include a pdf invoice. Click here to learn more about the order confirmation letter.

  • Ticket visibility - hide or show the ticket from the registration page

Note: For an in-person event, the seating chart will not work for FREE tickets.

Frequently asked questions

What happens after creating a ticket?

  • The ticket type should show on your event page when you click the Register button.

How do attendees purchase tickets and register?

  • They'll be able to purchase tickets and register through your event website once your ticket sales start and you're ready to accept registrations.

How do I check in in-person event attendees?

  • There are 3 ways to check them in

    • Admin Console - go to Attendees > Check-in Attendees

    • Staff Portal - go to your event page. Click Staff > Check-in Attendees

    • App - download the app from the App Store or Google Play, then follow the steps in this article.

How do I check in my virtual event attendees?

  • You don't need to check them in. Once they enter your event by logging in, they are automatically checked in to your event.

What happens when someone donates through the ticket order option?

What happens when an attendee has both an in-person and virtual event ticket?

  • They will be able to access both the in-person event and the virtual event

What happens when an attendee with an in-person ticket tries to enter a virtual event?

  • They won't be able to enter the virtual event and will get an error message that will tell them to know that their ticket type is not allowed in the virtual event.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can create?

  • It's unlimited except for these plans, which will allow you to create only 2 ticket types:

    • Free Plan

    • Starter Plan

    • Scale Plan

Can I sell merchandise together with my ticket?

Can an attendee be issued multiple tickets?

  • Yes

Can I set up an event waitlist for attendees?

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