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I'm an Attendee, Already Registered for the Event. How Do I Prepare for the Event?
I'm an Attendee, Already Registered for the Event. How Do I Prepare for the Event?

Keep your order confirmation email, add the event to your calendar, and bookmark sessions.

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Registered and Ready

Now that you have your ticket for the event, here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for the event.

1. Safekeep your Order Confirmation Email

You will need this email to join the event easily. Clicking the Join Event Button in that email will automatically log you into the event. It's the easiest way to enter the event because it won't require you to enter a password. Make sure to keep this email!

The order confirmation email proves that you bought an event ticket. It will have basic details about the event (event name, date, description, etc.) and a button to bring you to the virtual event hub if the event is already open. If the event is in the future, it will bring you to the event landing page when you click that button.

If you're joining an in-person event, a pdf attachment of your ticket should be in that email. In some events, the ticket QR code may be needed to enter the event. Make sure to keep it handy, whether it be printed or a screenshot saved to your phone.

2. Add to Calendar

Make reminders to ensure you don't forget that you signed up for the event. In the email you receive, there may be options to add the event to your calendar.

3. Bookmark Sessions

While waiting for the event to open, you can return to the event page to check what the event has in store for you. You can also start pre-registering for sessions in the Agenda tab by clicking the "Bookmark" button.

4. Check Your Browser and Device Compatibility

The most compatible browser is Chrome when you're using a laptop or desktop. Make sure that you have the latest version. If you're on an iPhone or iPad, it's better to use Safari. If you're using the Attendee App it should work both for Apple and Android.

That's it! When the event opens, you'll need to go back to your order confirmation email to join the event.

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