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Join an In Person Event

Learn how to prepare as an attendee for an in-person event

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Prepare to Join an In Person Event

Are you already registered for an in-person event? This article will discuss preparing for and joining one, including locating your QR code, downloading the attendee app, and more!

If you still need to buy a ticket, click here to learn how to register.

Find and Save Your QR Code

After registering for the event, you should receive an order confirmation email with a PDF attachment with your QR code. Keep it handy, whether printed or saved as a screenshot on your phone. The QR code can also be found in the attendee app after you log in. You may need to show it at the entrance to scan it to check in and print your badge.

Download the Attendee App

In some cases, event organizers will need you to download the attendee app available for download for iOS and Android users; please take a look at the instructions they give you to know if you'll need it or not.


  • Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

  • For in-person events, logging in to the Attendee App does not count attendees as checked in to the event. Attendees must check in at the event venue via Kiosk or staff assistance.

Add the Event to Your Calendar

Ensure you remember that you signed up for the event. In the email you receive, you may see an option to add the event to your calendar. If you've logged in to the app, you should also see an option to add to the calendar.

Bookmark Sessions

On the event page, you'll see the agenda. You can bookmark sessions that you want to attend, and they will all be listed on your personalized My Sessions agenda.

Check the Event Venue

The event venue is usually shown in your order confirmation email. Sometimes, a map is even provided. Check it out so you can plan your schedule. Consider your travel time, mode of transportation, and routes to get there. Check if they have parking provided, and scope out the nearby hotels and restaurants.

Check-In to the Event

When you arrive at the venue, you may need to proceed to the check-in counter and present your QR code. Event admins may scan it, or they may provide a self-check-in kiosk. They may even print badges. Ensure you read their instructions to know exactly what to do when you arrive.

Participate in the Event

Once you're at the event, maximize the opportunity to network with other attendees and discuss shared interests. The attendee app allows you to "connect" with other attendees.

Participate during sessions, and feel free to ask questions if you have any. We also highly encourage that you answer event surveys so that organizers can improve any future events according to your feedback.

Event organizers may also have challenges in-store; make sure you participate to earn points and possibly win a prize.

If the event has exhibitor booths, you can present your QR code to them to share your personal information. If the event uses the attendee app, exhibitors can scan your QR code through the app, and it will automatically get the information you gave during registration (name and email).

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