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Other Cool Features of the Event Chat
Other Cool Features of the Event Chat

Use reactions, pin messages, post images, links, files, and more in the virtual event chat

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The Chat feature

The chat feature provides an engaging way to communicate with other attendees at the event. You can use these cool chat features to make the chat interaction more memorable and immersive. The chat feature is available in the event hub through a browser and the attendee app.

The chat area is on the right side of the screen, no matter where you are in the virtual event. If you're in the app, you can find the chat in the Activity menu in the session.

Reply Features

Aside from just replying with simple text, it will also allow you to attach a file, add emojis, react to a post, mention another attendee, react to a post, and reply to a previous comment, which will start a new thread!

Attach a File

Add an Emoji

Mention an Attendee

Note: The attendees mentioned will receive a notification that they were mentioned, but this will not appear in the bell icon notifications. It will only show in the lower-left corner of the virtual event hub, and it is only on the web browser.

React to a Post

Reply to a Thread

Other Admin Settings

As an admin, you can remove the option to react or reply to a post.

  • Click the 3 dot menu at the top of the chat

  • Enable or disable the react and reply options

Pin a Chat Message

To pin a chat message, click the 3 dots above the chat message and select Pin Message. Only admin and staff can pin messages, and this includes messages that they did not post.

The pinned message will appear at the top of the chat area. To unpin a message, click the three dots again and choose unpin.

If you want to replace an existing pinned message, click the 3 dots on the new message and select Pin Message, it will give you the option to replace the currently pinned message.

Edit a Chat Message

To edit your own chat message, click the 3 dots above the chat message and select Edit Message.

Delete a Chat Message

To delete your own chat message, click the 3 dots above the chat message and select Delete Chat. As admin or staff, you can delete other attendees' messages.

To delete all chat messages in a channel, click the 3 dots on top of the chat area, then select Clear Channel Messages

Block Attendees from Chat

There may be times in your event when an attendee is distracting or offensive via the platform chat. The block feature will allow you to stop this attendee from continuing to post in the chat.

  • Click the 3 dots above the attendee's message

  • Select Block From Chat

You can also go to the People Tab and block them from there.

Staff Chat Channel

The staff chat channel lets you send a group message to all your event admins and staff. This channel allows you to communicate any important updates to your team without using another platform, making it easier for you to manage an ongoing event!

  • Click the left arrow on the upper left side of the chat

  • Look for #Event Staff under Channels and click it

  • Start sending your message to the team

Backstage Chat

The backstage chat allows admins and speakers to communicate privately. This is only available on the main stage and in regular sessions.

  • Everyone - everyone in the session can join the chat

  • Backstage - only admins and speakers for that session can join the chat. Attendees won't be able to see the backstage chat messages.

Chat Channels

Event admins can utilize the chat channels to efficiently manage and respond to chats sent in sessions and its backstage, exhibitor booth chats, and to the event staff, all from the same page. A counter for unread chat messages will appear next to the chat channel if you are on a different chat channel.

  • Click the left arrow on the upper left side of the chat to expand the chat channels pane

For Event Admins - the lobby chat channel, all backstage and sessions chat channels, all exhibitor booths chat channels, and the staff chat channel will all appear listed in their chat channels by default. These cannot be removed.

For Speakers - the lobby chat channel and the backstage and session chat channels they are assigned to speak at will appear listed in their chat channels by default. If they have an attendee ticket and join other sessions or enter exhibitor booths, those chat channels will appear in their list too.

For Attendees - upon entering the event hub, only the lobby chat channel will be listed. When they join sessions and enter exhibitor booths, those chat channels will be added in their chat channels list.

Download Chats

The chat messages can be downloaded from your admin console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I block an attendee from all chats all at once?

  • No. You will need to block the attendee from each session that you do not want them to post in. Also, the block feature does not apply to the lobby chat, expo chat, or lounge chat.

Can I delete the chatbox altogether?

  • No, the chatbox cannot be deleted. You can disable it, which means attendees won't be able to send messages, but admins can still send messages, as well as speakers in sessions and exhibitors in their booths.

  • If the chat is disabled, attendees will see a message that the chat has been “Closed.”

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