Admins will have access to the admin console and they have more permissions. They have access to the admin console and the event pages so they can help you add items and setup your event. We recommend keeping the number of admins low to avoid mix-ups.

Staff are your team members who can assist event admins and attendees before and during the event. They will have no permission to access the admin console. They can only access the staff portal, event site, virtual event hub and studio. You may add as many staff members as you like for your event.

Accessing the Staff Portal

The staff portal allows admin and staff to make transactions on behalf of the participant. One great thing about this feature is it allows you to enter cash transactions or any transactions done outside of Accelevents. To access the staff portal, access the event page, login and click the Staff button on the top of the page.

In the staff portal both Admins and Staff can do the following:

  • Check Item Status

  • Submit Pledge

  • Submit Raffle Tickets

  • Check in Attendees - manually check-in in-person attendees if they have already arrived in the event venue Click here to learn more about attendee check in.

  • Auction Checkout - you can enter the payment of auction winners

  • Submit Auction Bids

  • Sell Raffle Tickets

  • Sell Event Tickets - for in-person and virtual event tickets

  • Donate

Accessing the Virtual Event Hub

For Admins to access the virtual event hub they need to click View Site > View Virtual Event Hub

They can also access the virtual event hub link directly. That link looks exactly like your event page link, except with /portal added at the end. It looks something like this:

For Staff, since they don't have access to your admin console, they will need to access the virtual event hub link directly and log in with their credentials, if they are trying to access it before or after the event.

If it's during the event, they have the option to enter the event just like a regular attendee by clicking the ENTER EVENT button from the event page and enter their credentials, then they will be redirected the the virtual event hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can both Admins and Staff do in the virtual event hub?

  • Join all sessions without a ticket, except for Networking sessions

  • Participate in chat, both for the main session chat and studio's backstage chat

  • Delete chat messages

  • Create and answer Polls

  • Create and answer Q&A's

  • Create and delete Lounges

  • Delete a Lobby post

  • Enter the Expo

  • Access the People tab

What can Admins do that Staff can't in the virtual event hub?

  • View the My Booth tab and edit booths

  • Edit the Info Desk

  • Create Lobby posts

What can't Admins and Staff do in the virtual event hub?

  • Join networking sessions without a ticket

  • Join gamification and leads list

Do Admin and Staff need a ticket to enter the virtual event hub?

  • No, they don't need a ticket, but if they want to join a Networking session, they need to have a ticket.

Can Admins and Staff access the studio?

  • Yes both can access, but staff cannot start the broadcast

How can Staff access the admin console?

  • They have to be added as admins instead of staff.

If Admin or Staff enter sessions, are they counted in the session capacity?

  • No, if the session is full and an admin or staff tries to join a session, they can still join.

If the chat is disabled for attendees can Admins and Staff enter chat messages?

  • Yes for Admins

  • No for Staff if they are sending a message in the session chat

  • Yes for Staff if they are sending a message in the studio's backstage chat

Will attendees know who are Admins and who are Staff?

  • Attendees will know who are Admins through chat, there should be a [Organizer] label beside their name

  • Attendees will not know who the Staff are, they will appear as regular attendees for now, but we're planning to give them a label soon!

Can Admins and Staff mute attendees and turn off their cameras in a workshop?

  • Yes

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