The Orders tab allows you to view and download all the ticket purchases. On this tab, you will also be able to edit ticket buyer and holder information, as well as perform ticket actions such as refunding, deleting, attendee blocking, downloading order invoices, resending confirmation emails, and magic link emails.

To access the Orders tab from your admin console, click on Attendees found on the left side navigation and then click Orders from the dropdown.

Search for Orders

You can search for orders by entering the name or email address of the ticket buyer or ticket holder on the search bar.

Ticket Buyer Information

Below the order number, you will see the date and time of purchase, along with the name and email address of the ticket buyer. If you want to edit the ticket buyer information, you need to click the 3-dot menu on the outer part of the order.

When you click on the 3-dot menu in the upper-right corner of the order, you'll have the option to do the following:

  • Refund - issues a refund to the ticket buyer. If there are multiple tickets in 1 order, there is an option to refund all. Click here to learn more about issuing refunds.

  • Resend Email - sends the order confirmation email both to the ticket buyer and holder.

  • Edit Buyer Info - this allows you to edit the ticket buyer information.

  • Download PDF - downloads the ticket holder's ticket confirmation along with a QR code.

  • Download Invoice PDF - downloads the invoice for the order.

  • Delete - deletes the ticket buyer's order and automatically refunds the order.

Ticket Holder Information

At a glance, you should see the attendee's name, ticket type, number of tickets purchased, and the amount they paid for the ticket in the order. To edit the attendee's information, click the 3-dot menu under Actions.

When you click the 3-dot menu under the Actions column of an Attendee, you'll have the option to do the following:

Downloading Reports

You'll have the option to download reports by clicking the Download button.

  • Ticket Holder Data - downloads a report on all ticket holders' information.

  • Ticket Buyer Data - downloads a report on all ticket buyers' information.

  • Registration Data- downloads a report with combined information of ticket buyers and ticket holders.

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