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Tips and Tricks: Increase Session Attendance
Tips and Tricks: Increase Session Attendance

Ways to help your attendees join as many sessions as possible, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching event experience.

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Increase Session Attendance Through Exposure

Here are some strategies and setting customizations you can do within the event hub that can catch the attention of your attendees, ensuring they can navigate simultaneous sessions seamlessly or easily access and view sessions.

1. Use the Post-Session Call to Action

This feature helps attendees easily hop to the next session or see all other regular sessions once the session they're watching concludes.

2. Move the Left Nav Tab to the Top

You can also move the tab where most of your sessions are to the top, so it's the first thing attendees see when they enter the event. In the admin console, click Event Design > Event Hub. Stay in Hub Configuration, and click Navigation. Click and drag the tab to the topmost. If you want to promote your regular sessions, move it up so it's the first thing they see when they enter the virtual event hub.

When you share the event hub URL with your attendees, and they enter the event, they will see the sessions immediately and can join from there.

3. Hide the Other Navigation Tabs

You can hide the other navigation tabs needed to avoid confusion about where to go. In this example, we only left the Regular Sessions tab (renamed to breakout).

Doing this only hides the navigation tab. It does not delete any content or settings you've already made in those tabs. You can unhide them anytime from the admin console by toggling them back to enabled.

4. Show only the Lobby's Agenda Tab

If you have several session types, you can hide all the other navigation tabs and just leave the Lobby. In the lobby, they will see the Agenda where they will have access to all sessions. Hiding all the other tabs will streamline how and where attendees enter the session.

5. Use the Lobby Banner Live Stream for Announcements

You can use the Lobby Banner Live Stream to make video announcements to invite them to the sessions. You can also upload a recorded video and re-broadcast it anytime you want.

6. Send Push Notifications Containing the Session Link

This feature lets you send notifications to attendees within the event hub, appearing as pop-ups in the lower left corner. You can add the session link you'd like them to join, making it very easy for them to move from the page they're in to the session itself.

7. Use the Event Hub Navigation Call to Action Button

The Call to Action button allows you to add a button to the navigation of your event hub. This button can be linked to redirect to a designated URL, in this case, a page where they can view all the sessions you'd like them to attend.

8. Send Announcements in the Lobby Feed

Similar to a typical social media wall, the Lobby Feed serves as the central newsfeed for your event, providing attendees with announcements and event insights. Upon entering the event hub, the first page they will see is the Lobby Feed. You can post the session links here!

9. Pin Message Announcements to the Chat

Pin a chat message so the message remains on top of the chat area. You can add this to the lobby chat and other sessions to remind them to go to the next session.

10. Use the Lobby and Session Sponsor Carousel

if you're not using the sponsor feature for your event, you may use this for a different purpose. You can use the sponsor carousel feature for a session advertisement and you can even make the image clickable that directs to the session.

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