With Accelevents, you have several options to live streaming your event:

  • Accelevents Studio - our built-in streaming service
  • Other live streaming tools (Zoom, Facebook Live, Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo)
  • RTMP Stream
  • Uploading a video file - MP4 format

Note: Chrome is the preferred browser to access the event page, virtual event hub and backstage studio link. However, when using an iPhone or an iPad, Safari might work better.

Broadcasting with Accelevents Studio

Accelevents offers a built in video platform that allows you and your speakers to create a web conference and broadcast it to an unlimited number of people.  If you would like to use our built in video tool simply select Accelevents as the Stream Provider when creating or editing your sessions. 

Go to Sessions & Speakers

  • Create a Session.
  • On Session Details, select AcceleventsStudio as the Stream Provider.
  • It should generate a studio link.

Broadcasting with Other Live Streaming Tools

You can use other live streaming tools such as Zoom, Wistia, Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook Live. To start streaming simply select your stream provider and paste in the last part of your stream URL.

  • Go to Sessions & Speakers
  • Create a Session
  • On Session Details, select a streaming tool (example: Zoom)
  • Copy the last part of your Zoom URL (Meeting ID) and passcode to the fields below


Zoom URL: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/123456789

Paste only this part: 123456789

To get your Zoom ID (last part of the Zoom URL)

  • Open your Zoom app
  • Click the arrow down on New Meeting
  • Hover to the ID number and click Copy ID
  • To start streaming click New Meeting
  • Make sure your attendees have access to the password meeting in case your meeting is set up with password protection.


Zoom does NOT support all features of the Zoom platform when Zoom is accessed through the web browser. As of 7/22/2020 the following features are not supported through Zoom when accessed through a browser. We suggest testing the Zoom integration to ensure that the features you require are available through Zoom in the browser:

  • Polling
  • Closed Captioning
  • Chat
  • Translation
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Gallery View

Zoom Limitations:

When using Zoom Meetings attendees will only be able to use their microphone when on the Chrome browser. For Zoom Webinars Safari and Firefox will also allow an attendee to use their mic. These are limitations from Zoom. You can find documention below. For any questions related to these issues please contact Zoom directly.

If everything is done correctly, you should be able to view the Zoom stream being displayed on your session in the virtual event hub.

Note: When testing your session, make sure that the event time and date is for right now so that you can view the live stream right now.

For other live streaming tools, here's a sample of what you need to copy to your session details.

Wistia URL: https://mycompany.wistia.com/medias/egqqm1h5xl

Paste only this part: egqqm1h5xl

Youtube URL: https://www.youtube.com/LXb3EKWsInQ

Paste only this part: LXb3EKWsInQ

Vimeo URL: https://vimeo.com/311983548

Paste only this part: 311983548

Facebook Live URL: https://www.facebook.com/mycompany/videos/101580265453/

Paste only this part: 101580265453/

Note: Ensure that you enable embedding on a browser on your privacy settings.

Example for Facebook:

Example for Vimeo:

Broadcasting with RTMP Stream

If you want to use a video production tool like OBS or SwitcherStudio, you can still stream using our RTMP stream option. Simply select Accelevents as the Stream Provider and then select the option for RTMP Stream.

Setup your Session:

  • Go to Sessions & Speakers
  • Create a Session
  • On Session Details, Select Accelevents as Stream Provider
  • Click on the RTMP Stream tab
  • Copy the information available on both the Streaming Key and RTMP URL fields

Click here to learn how to Broadcast with Switcher Studio through RTMP Stream

Click here to learn how to Broadcast with OBS through RTMP Stream

If you are looking to use Zoom but need to do a broadcast to a large number of people you can use the RTMP stream option.

Click here to learn how to Broadcast with Zoom through RTMP Stream

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