If your event has multiple speakers/sessions within it or you want to create an agenda for your event, Accelevents has your back. Setting up an agenda for your event allows you to answer questions for your attendees like where is the next session being held? Who are the keynote speakers? What sessions are the most interesting for me? But designing your event agenda is just as much a way to help your attendees as it is a way for you to keep track of which sessions are generating the most interest and how many people have registered for each session. 

If you are looking to set up an agenda just make sure that on the Event Details page you have selected 'Conference' as the Event Type. Once you do that you will see an option to set up Sessions | Speakers  under the Manage Event menu.

When creating your sessions you’ll be able to add both “Tracks” and “Tags” to better help your guests figure out where they need to be.

Tracks allow you to designate sessions specifically for different focuses at your event, sort of like an umbrella of topics. For example, if your event has sessions for marketing, sales, and customer success professionals, you’ll be able to label events so everyone knows specifically which sessions to attend. When designing a track it is best practice to only have one session suggested per time slot. The goal of a track is to make it easy for your participants to identify which sessions will be of the highest value for what they’re looking to learn.

Tags allow you to add specific keywords to your session that relate to specific topics or interests. These are a great way to group similar content and make it easy for guests to find the most valuable sessions for them to attend.

Does your event have different ticketing tiers? No sweat. Sessions can be assigned to specific ticket types, allowing only those ticket holders access to registration.

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