The People Tab

Make the most of your experience by forging new connections, and expand your professional circle by interacting with other attendees!

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The People Tab

One of the main reasons people attend conferences is to connect with others and expand their professional and social networks. Through the People tab, you can send private messages to other attendees and have one-on-one video meetings with people you meet in the virtual event! The People tab is available on the event hub through a browser and the attendee app.

To find attendees in the People tab easier, you can search and filter attendees by name, company, job title, or interests. You can also search by going through the 3 sub-tabs:

  • All Attendees - this will show all the attendees that have entered the event.

  • My Connections - this tab will show only the attendees you are connected with.

  • Suggested for You - this will show attendees that may have the same interests as you.

When looking at the attendee tile, you'll see different buttons depending on the status of your request or the privacy permissions they have granted. Some will also have a label and a checkmark on top. If you click on the attendee's profile picture, you'll see the rest of the information about the attendee.

Connect Button

By clicking the Connect Button on the attendee's profile tile, you will send a request to be connected with the other attendee. Once the request is approved, you'll see them added to your My Connections tab, and you'll see a green check mark on their tile. You'll also be able to call them without requesting a meeting. You can simply click the camera icon, and a video call will be initiated.

If you want to prevent other attendees from connecting with you, you can turn off that option in your profile privacy settings.

Video Button

The Video Button allows you to start a video call with an attendee through the virtual event hub. The video call option is not enabled as a default, and only attendees connected with you can call you.

However, if you want attendees to call you even if you're not connected, you can turn on this feature in your profile privacy settings.

Chat Button

When you click the Chat Button, it opens a private chat thread with that attendee. You don't need to be connected with an attendee to start chatting with them. Simply click the chat button to send them a message.

To prevent other attendees from sending you private messages, you can turn off that option in your profile privacy settings.

Meet Button

Clicking the Meet Button allows you to request a scheduled meeting with another attendee. You'll see all meetings through the calendar button on top. When the other attendee has accepted the meeting, you can start the video call through the My Agenda menu.

Profile Label

The Attendee Profile Label is a label that appears on the upper left corner of an attendee's profile tile. With this label, you can quickly identify what type of attendee they are without having to open their profile.

During the registration process, you may be asked to enter this information, and you can still change your answer by editing it through your profile's basic details.

Note: This is an optional feature, so if you don't see it, it's possible that the event administrator did not enable it.

Suggested For You: Interest Tags

When you register for the event, you may be asked about your interests. If you added or selected interests, other attendees would see these interests in your profile.

Note: You can edit your interests through your profile's interest section. This is an optional feature, so if you don't see it, it's possible that the event administrator did not enable it.

If other attendees select the same interests as you, you will see their profile tile in the Suggested For You tab. This feature streamlines the process of finding like-minded individuals, making it effortless to connect with those who share your passions.

People Filter

Attendees can click the filter icon to filter attendees depending on the data they provided during registration.

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