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Event Checklist

To ensure you don't miss anything, go through this checklist

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Key Elements to Check

Before opening registration & sharing your event page, check out our suggestions for what to add, polish, confirm, & perfect! We have listed the key elements you must check in each section of your admin console.


  • If you already paid for an event ticketing plan, you'll need to publish your event to ensure attendees can enter your event. Choose whether to publish it publicly (add your event to our event listing page) or privately.

Event Details

  • Confirm that you have the right date, time, and timezone.

  • Check if you have the correct format for your event - in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

  • Adjust the pre-event access time if you want attendees to enter your event early.

Event Design

  • Event Landing Page

    • Confirm your event URL

    • Confirm your brand colors

    • Confirm Navigation menu labels, order, & visibility for the landing page

    • Disable the tabs you won't need

    • Add your event logo (700x350) & banner image (2000x500)

    • Add event description

  • Virtual Event Hub

    • Add a welcome message & video (5GB or less)

    • Confirm the hub main background, navigation background, & text colors

    • Confirm Feed is enabled/disabled based on preference

    • Confirm Navigation labels, order, & visibility for the hub

    • Disable the navigation tabs that you won't need


  • Setup Tickets

    • Check the sales start and end dates set for each ticket type

    • Confirm the visibility of ticket types

    • Hide the registration button on the event landing page if you're not selling tickets.

  • Order Form

    • If you added custom questions to your order form, check if these questions would appear when you test to purchase a ticket. Try all ticket types if you have different questions per ticket.

    • Confirm that information is being collected from All Ticket Holders

    • Confirm questions that will be included & required on the order form

    • Confirm ticket types that each question applies to (the default setting is ALL)

  • Order Confirmation

    • Customize your message

    • Send a test email so you'll know what it would look like

    • Ensure that the toggle is turned on to send the email automatically after attendees register

    • Register for the event so you'll know the whole attendee experience

Agenda & Speakers

  • Confirm your session date, time, and timezone.

  • Confirm that a stream provider is selected for your Main Stage and Regular Sessions.

  • Confirm the ticket types able to register for & attend each session (default setting is ALL)

  • Add pertinent tags & tracks to each session

  • Confirm if you have assigned speakers to sessions

  • Confirm that speaker invites are sent

  • Confirm speakers have tested their audio/camera using the studio link in the emailed invite (Accelevents Studio only)

  • Have a test session with your speakers.

Exhibitors & Sponsors


  • Manage Team

    • Add all members of the organizer team/committee

    • Change the email notification settings

      • Who should receive the questions from attendees?

      • Do you want to be alerted every time someone registers?

  • General Settings

    • Add a Reply-To email address

    • Disable event modules you won't need for your event

  • Payment Processing

    • Connect Square of Stripe if you're selling paid tickets

  • Billing

    • You can pay and activate here if you add fundraising to your event.

    • If you're adding live streaming in booths, you can pay and activate it from here.

Manage Organization

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