Before opening registration & sharing your event page, check out our suggestions for what to add, polish, confirm, & perfect!

Set Up Tickets

  • Check the Sales Start & End dates set for each ticket type
  • In the ADVANCED SETTINGS confirm the visibility of ticket types

Event Website

Event Landing Page

  • Confirm URL
  • Confirm background & text colors
  • Confirm Navigation menu labels, order, & visibility
  • Add event logo (700x350) & banner image (2000x500)
  • Add event description

Virtual Event Hub

  • Add welcome message & video (5gb or less)
  • Confirm hub main background, navigation background, & text colors
  • Confirm Feed is enabled/disabled based on preference
  • In ADVANCED SETTINGS confirm labels, order, & visibility for hub labels


Order Form

  • Confirm that information is being collected from All Ticket Holders
  • Confirm questions that will be included & required on the order form
  • Confirm ticket types that each question applies to (default setting is ALL)

Order Confirmation

  • Customize message that will be included with the Order Confirmation email
  • Send an Order Confirmation test to yourself

Sessions & Speakers

  • Confirm Stream Provider has been selected & set up for each Main Stage & Breakout session
  • Confirm session capacity
  • Confirm ticket types able to register for & attend each session (default setting is ALL)
  • Add pertinent tags & tracks to each session
  • Send speaker invites
  • Confirm speakers have tested their audio/camera using the studio link in the emailed invite (Accelevents Studio only)

Exhibitors & Sponsors

  • Confirm booth names & page order
  • Confirm Lead Retrieval settings for each booth
  • Ensure booth is configured to correct size & benefits (exhibitor pro, live streaming, preferred exhibitor badge, image in carousel)
  • Add Exhibitor Admins to booth
  • Share Exhibitor Training Webinar link


Manage Team

  • Add all members of organizer team/committee

General Settings

  • Add Reply-To email address
  • Remove any unwanted modules

Payment Processing

  • If tickets are NOT free, ensure Square or Stripe is connected


  • Activate the event by adding a credit card on file. You will NOT be billed at this time.
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