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Checklist for Setting Up Your In-Person Event With Attendee App
Checklist for Setting Up Your In-Person Event With Attendee App

Set your event and ticket as HYBRID if you're using the attendee app for your in-person event

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Using the Attendee App in an in-person event can significantly benefit you and your attendees. With the online component, attendees can easily check the event agenda and more event information without going to the physical info desk. You can also get more interaction from attendees by using the polls and Q&A feature. For larger events where attendees cannot meet everyone in the event in one day, using the app allows them to set up meetings and chat with other attendees, speakers, and exhibitors.

To ensure your attendees can access all these during the event, follow the checklist below.

The Attendee App is an add-on feature; please don't hesitate to contact your account manager if you want it included in your plan.

In-Person Attendee App Checklist

General Event Set Up

Set the Event Format to In-Person

Even though you're using virtual components, your event format should be In-Person. Making your event In-Person will give attendees access to only the attendee app, not the virtual hub.

However, if you want to edit the Info Desk, we recommend changing your event format to Hybrid only while you're editing it. Just make sure to change it back to In-Person when you're done. Please contact our support team after you've done this action so that we can check if all the In-person components are still in place (e.g., ticket and session access).

Publish the Event

Publishing an event is required for any ticketed event. Only the first 25 attendees can enter the app if the event is not published.

Note: You can no longer change event formats when your event is published.

Ticketing Set Up

Before creating your tickets, please ensure your event format is set to In-Person. This will automatically give attendees in-person access only, including app access.

Include the PDF Ticket in the Order Confirmation

The PDF file will have the attendee's QR code. While this code is available in the attendee app after they log in, some attendees may still prefer printing a document to present upon check-in. To include the ticket, go to the Advanced Settings of each ticket type and tick the box for Include PDF Ticket.

Give Clear Instructions in the Order Confirmation

Upon registering for your event, the order confirmation will be the first message attendees will see. Please give them clear instructions on downloading the app and what they must do on the event day, and let them know if they need to prepare anything beforehand. Read this article for more information on Order Confirmation Emails.

Agenda & Speakers

Please make sure that your event format is In-Person before creating your agenda. Attendees may receive an error message when entering hybrid sessions (created while the event format is Hybrid) with in-person tickets. Everything should match -- an in-person ticket for an in-person session.

Event Tests

Test Using a Duplicate Event

Duplicate your event so that you can do a dry run on the duplicate. Play with the duplicated event and use all the functionality that attendees will use so that you have an idea of how they will use the mobile app. Read this article for more information on Duplicating an Event.

Attendee App Testing

To fully understand the attendee's experience, register for the event as an attendee. You can use an email address that is not your admin email address since you may have different permissions as an admin. It's important to test every aspect so that you can report any issues you find and have them fixed before the event opens. Learning more about the app will help you respond faster to your attendees when they have questions. Here are the key features you need to test:

  • Bookmark sessions through the app

  • Use the chat feature in all areas

  • Request and accept meetings

  • Download files in all areas (e.g., sessions, info desk, booths)

  • Have the QR scanned by an exhibitor

  • Have the QR scanned by another attendee

  • Earn points through gamification

  • Participate in polls and Q&A

Admin App Testing

Testing whether the admin app is working is important to ensure that attendees can check in smoothly. Here are the key features you need to test:

  • Check-in through QR code scanning

  • Check-in through Kiosk (iPad only)

  • Print badges (iPad only)

  • Session check-in (mobile admin app only)

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