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How Can I Assist My Attendees When Joining My Event?
How Can I Assist My Attendees When Joining My Event?

Help your attendees to access your event easily

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It is essential for an event organizer to have an event that runs smoothly. The first step to ensure it runs smoothly is to provide attendees with easy-to-follow instructions on joining the event. Here are some tips to make sure they get in without any issues!

Assisting Attendees in Joining Your Event

1. Give Step by Step Instructions

While the confirmation they receive after registering may be informative, it may need to be more intuitive for others. We recommend you include step-by-step instructions on what they must do to access the event. Make sure your message is clear depending on the type of event you have (in-person, virtual, hybrid).

To customize your message and instructions, go to Registration > Order Confirmation.

The advanced email template builder will give you more options to customize the layout of your order confirmation email. This feature is available for higher plans.

For your instructions, here are sample templates that you can use:


We look forward to seeing you on [EVENT NAME]!

To join the event, click the JOIN EVENT button above. That's it!

Make sure to click it when the event is already open, if you click early, you'll see our event page where you can start pre-registering for sessions.

We recommend clicking from the email as this is the easiest and fastest way to log in. It will not require them to enter a password.

Here's another template with instructions on how to get in from the event landing page:


We look forward to seeing you on [EVENT NAME]!

Please follow the steps below to enter the event:

1. Go to the Event Page: [EVENT LANDING PAGE URL]
2. Click Sign
3. Enter your email address and password
4. If you don't have a password, click "Forgot Password?" to reset or create a password
5. Follow the next prompts to create password
6. Once logged in, click the Enter Event button from the event page.

Here's one for in-person events:


We look forward to seeing you on [EVENT NAME]!

Please prepare your QR code upon entering the event. The event staff will scan the code from your phone or you can present a printed copy.

Your QR code should be attached as a PDF file in this email.

Here's one for downloading the app:


We look forward to seeing you on [EVENT NAME]!

Please download the Accelevents Attendee App to access the event through the App Store [] or Google Play [].

Before opening the app, click the Join or View Event button from the email you received upon registration. This way, you can log in without creating a password.

2. Give Instructional Videos

Some attendees may respond better if logging in is demonstrated to them, and the best way to show this is through a video. You can record your own to show your actual event page, or you may also show them this video on How to Enter The Event Without a Password.

3. Include our Knowledge Base Article Links

Aside from tutorials for event admins, we also have basic step-by-step instructions for attendees. You can also include the links to these articles:

4. Give Your Contact Information

Aside from logging-in assistance, attendees may have more questions about your event. Have your support team ready to assist your attendees. Add your contact information to your event page and confirmation letter to ensure they can find it anywhere!

Note: if you don't leave any contact information and they reply directly through the order confirmation email, you should still receive their reply through the default reply-to email address that you indicated.

5. Send Reminder Emails

Please send reminder emails to your attendees to refresh their memory that they've signed up for your event. You can add your step-by-step instructions and contact details to your reminder email.

6. Send the Magic Link

The Magic Link email is sent to those who register an hour before the event, but you can also send this to other attendees needing help entering the event. It will allow them to enter the event with just 1 click.

7. Troubleshooting

You can learn how to troubleshoot before the event opens to know how to handle it when attendees experience the same issues.

These are some of the most common questions/issues from attendees:

I cannot log in

  • Ask which email address they are using to enter

  • Check if that email address has a ticket

  • Check if their ticket type is set appropriately if you have a hybrid event

  • If there is, resend the order confirmation email, then ask them to click the Join Event Button

  • If there's none, give them a ticket

  • If all else fails, issue them a new ticket and try again

  • Double-check if the email address they are entering is correct by asking for screenshots

The chat and other event items are not loading

  • Ask them to clear their cache

  • Ask them to turn off any firewalls or VPN

  • Ask them to try in an incognito window

  • Try different browsers like Safari or Firefox

Audio and Video are choppy

  • If this is reported by a lot of attendees, this can be caused by an unstable connection on the speaker's end.

  • If it's just one attendee, it's possible that it's their connection. Ask them to refresh or reset their router.

My camera and microphone are not working.

  • Start by asking them to click the lock icon on their browser, then enable the camera and microphone settings. Then refresh.

  • If it does not work, ask them to turn off other apps that may be using a camera or microphone, like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.

  • Ask them to restart the device.

If they have other issues that are too technical, ask them for more information about the issue, then you can report it to our chat support. The more information we have, the faster we can help.

  • Ask them to take a screenshot of the error message if there are any

  • Ask what steps they took before they got the error

  • Ask them for a recording of the screen to show the issues

  • You can also ask them to chat with us directly through the chat icon on our Accelevents website.

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