Our easy-to-use Admin Console provides a simple way for hosts to enter all information before the event. Using a custom console specific to each event, hosts can enter information and content about their event.

Event Details

The event details tab allows you to enter your basic event information:

  • Event name

  • Event start and end time

  • Event format

  • Location (for in-person and hybrid events)

  • Event logo

  • Pre-event access start time

Set Up Tickets

In Registration, the Set-Up tickets tab allows you to create the ticket types that attendees will buy for your event. You can also create a seating chart for in-person events and add merchandise that you can sell. You can add or edit the following:

Event Website

The Event Website tab allows you to customize the look of your event landing page and the virtual event hub. Here are the key items that you may want to customize for your event:

  • Event URL

  • Event banner

  • Event logo

  • Event description

  • Event theme colors

  • Tabs and navigation customization


The registration tab allows you to customize the order form attendees fill out when they buy a ticket, create access codes & discount codes, and customize the message in the email that attendees receive after buying a ticket.

Agenda & Speakers

The Agenda & Speakers tab is where you create all your sessions and add speakers. You will be able to enter all the content and details for the sessions in this tab and assign speakers to sessions. These are the key items you can add:

  • Session Name

  • Session start and end time

  • Session Description

  • Upload Files to be downloaded by attendees

  • Add speakers

  • Tags

  • Tracks


The attendee tab will allow you to add attendees to your event. You can add that manually or upload a list through a CSV file. In this section, you'll be able to do the following:

Exhibitors & Sponsors

This section allows you to add exhibitors & sponsors to your event and customize how they look. Here are the key items you can update:

  • Add exhibitors

  • Add exhibitor logos

  • Expo background image

  • Expo categories

  • Add sponsors

  • Add sponsor logos


  • Event end date and time (time at which winners will be drawn)

  • Auction Items

  • Unique item codes

  • Minimum bid amounts


  • Event end date and time (time at which winners will be drawn)

  • Prize names

  • Unique prize codes

  • Ticket prices

Fund A Need

  • Event end date and time

  • Fund A Need Items

  • Unique item codes

  • Minimum pledge amounts

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