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How Do I Sell Sponsorships for an Event?
How Do I Sell Sponsorships for an Event?

Learn how to highlight your sponsors and see sample sponsorship packages

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In general, event sponsorship is a largely untapped market, but as the scope of the event world changes, the opportunities for sponsorships are also shifting.

There are several places where sponsors can be highlighted when using Accelevents, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid events.

Areas for sponsor placement

Event Landing Page

  • Event description area - you can add the logos of featured sponsors to the description area so that attendees can see them right away.

  • Sponsor tab - have all the sponsors listed on this page.

Virtual Event Hub

  • Carousel - you can add a sponsor's carousel image to appear in the carousel and be able to set how long it can be seen in the carousel.

  • Feed / Lobby Feed - you can post your sponsor's logo, message, or content and add links to that post.

  • Sponsor tab - have all the sponsors listed on this page.

  • Call to Action button - you can add a featured sponsor logo in the left side navigation, and when clicked, the attendee will be redirected to a specified URL (e.g., sponsor's website)

  • Lobby and Expo Banner - you can add the sponsor's logo in the banner area, which can be seen in the Lobby and Expo area of the virtual event hub. You can even add a recorded or live video broadcast to the banner.

  • Welcome Message and Video - you can add the sponsor logo or video and other info to appear as a pop-up when someone logs in the first time to your virtual event hub.

  • Session Sponsor - add a sponsoring company to a session; the sponsor logo will appear at the top of the chat area, and the sponsoring companies tab below the broadcast.

  • Pre-Session Image or Video - add an image or video with your sponsor's branding that will appear before the session starts.

  • Iframe - if you're not using iframe inside the session for closed captioning, you can use it to flash sponsor banners.

  • Networking - add a sponsoring company to a networking session; the logo will appear in the networking description area.

  • Gamification - create challenges that drive attendee engagement and get rewards from the sponsoring company.

  • Chat, Polls, and Q&A - are other interactive opportunities to add to a sponsored session or an exhibitor booth.

  • Push Notifications - send push notifications about your sponsors that attendees will see wherever they are in the virtual event hub.

  • Expo Area / Exhibitor booth - you can add your sponsors as exhibitors so they may have an exhibitor booth that allows them to add a video recording, live streaming, downloadable content, and live chat with attendees. You can adjust the booth size, change the booth's order, and add a premium flag to the booth.

  • Featured Exhibitor - enabling this setting to a sponsor who is also an exhibitor will place their booth at the topmost area of the Expo page.

  • Custom Tab - add a virtual event hub navigation custom tab or lobby custom tab. You can fill it with content for your sponsor.


  • Order Confirmation Email - you can add the sponsor's logo to the confirmation email that attendees receive when they register and buy a ticket.

  • Disclaimer - add the sponsor's logo to the disclaimer message before completing a ticket purchase.

Attendee App

  • Sponsor tab - you can show this on the landing page and in the sponsors button in the lobby. The sponsor logo or card image will be shown on this tab.

  • Carousel - display the sponsor's attendee mobile app image in a carousel on the My Events Page, landing page, and the Lobby.

  • Session - display the sponsor's logo inside the session by adding them as a sponsoring company.

  • Kiosk - display the sponsor's logo at the bottom of the Kiosk, visible to attendees checking in.

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